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I have become death, the destroyer of worlds.

–J. Robert Oppenheimer

Race Saiyan
Gender Male
Date of birth 5:30 pm, September 10th,
980 AD
Date of death To be Announced
Height 6 feet, 5 inches
Weight 270 pounds
Address Planet Pasuta
Family Hikaru (brother),
Hikamiro (father)
Abilities Flight
Mastery of Ki
Omega Saiyan
Creator TitaniumBardock (TB)


Yumiro grew up with his brother, Hikaru, in the East Pasutian Grand Forest, with a pack of wolves whom took them in as their own. He, and his brother, were later kicked out, and went into an orphanage thanks to an old man. There, he met Yomoko, his brother's love interest. Yumiro did not personally like Yomoko, but since she made Hikaru happy, he wanted to protect her, but only if necessary.

Appearance, and Personality

Yumiro is also a normal, Ancient Saiyan, like his slightly older brother. He also does not wear saiyan armor, or saiyan clothes like his brother. He wears a black leather jacket (open) with a white undershirt, black pants, and blue shoes.

Yumiro's personality is similar to the stereotypical saiyan, except he cares about his brother (shows affection towards family). He is borderline moral, hot-headed, cold-hearted, foul natured, course, and ignorant. He does have a religion, but he is not as evangelistic as his brother. Although, he is courageous, but he is more cold, and wishes that he would not be thanked by anyone. When it comes to death, and killing, he is anything besides hesitant. Meaning, he will not hesitate to kill you, and he will have a good time doing it.
Yumiro 2

Teenage Yumiro


Yumiro has only two attachments.

Hiraku is his only brother, and only attachment, and the only thing he hesitates to kill. He bickers with him a lot, but they get along afterwards.

Although he doesn't like Yomoko, he still finds reason to protect her.

Abilities, Techniques, and Transformations

Yumiro has his own set of abilities, techniques, and transformations, which he gains, and uses throughout the story.

  • Flight
  • Control Over Ki (Mastery Level)
  • Scorpion Flail (martial art)
  • Pasutian Wolf (martial art)
  • Supernova Flash (Full Power Heavy Finisher Ki Release) (FPHFKR) (Normal form)
  • Light Lacerator (Full Power Heavy Finisher Ki Rlease) (FPHFKR) (Omega Saiyan)
  • Omega Saiyan
  • Great Ape
Omega Saiyan Yumiro

Yumiro as an Omega Saiyan