"When I was just a Chest Buster, *sniff* My family were killed by *sniff* Predators *sniff sniff*, so *sniff* that's why I'm not going to fight the Preadotors..."


Name: Xeno X. Xenomorph. Age: ??? Allies: Chao, Sonic, The Animals of The Forest. Enemies: Predators, "Bad Xenos", Zombie Overlord the 13. Pet(s): A face hugger named Fred. Resides: Xeno's Mexican Pizza. Attire: A chef hat, And a red cooking thingy with the Xeno's Pizza symbol. Likes: Pizza, Fred, Speedy Cars, His Shop. Dislikes/Hates: I think u know what he didt like. Fav Food: Mexican Pizza. Side: Good/Neutral.


SA: Shop Keeper SG: Shop Keeper Sonic Advanced: Um...Shop Keeper SVAVP: Playable

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