Brick Man
The Wily Rejects
Era Mega Man Classic
Appearances Mega Man: The Wily Rejects
Mega Man: The Wily Rejects 2
Mega Man: The Wily Rejects 3
Homeworld Earth
Affiliations Dr. Wily
Main purpose To stall Mega Man

The Wily Rejects are a group of Robot Masters who were for one reason or another rejected and decommissioned by Dr. Wily. Eventually however Dr. Wily needed Robot Masters for his plans but didn't have the time to build a new batch so simply dusted off some of his decommissioned prototypes to spare him some time, not expecting them to last long. Ultimately they failed even faster than Dr. Wily had anticipated and he was once again defeated by Mega Man.

His second batch were built better but had been decommissioned simply because of the embarrassment of their existence, many of which he scrapped after realizing their names were already a popular object in media and he didn't want to seem like he was ripping them off—although only because he didn't want to get sued. However, even these Robot Masters would fail to stop the Blue Bomber.

The third batch were created as new Masters but not having the time to design new body types for each, he constructed them off of existing RM blueprints.


Batch 1Edit

Wily Rejects Lineup 1

Mega Man meets the first set of Rejects...and is thoroughly unimpressed.

Batch 2Edit

Batch 3Edit

  • Cutter Man
  • Gerbil Man
  • Unspecified RM
  • Unspecified RM
  • Unspecified RM
  • Unspecified RM
  • Unspecified RM
  • Unspecified RM

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