Vincenzo Boiardi
Vincenzo Boiardi
General Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 32
Location New York
Occupation Mobster
Affiliation The Mafia
Relations None Known
Weapon Information
Signature Weapon Handgun
Game Information
Appearances Mobsters (MySpace App)
Other Information
Status Alive
Creator Somarinoa

Vincenzo Boiardi is a member of the Mafia. He quickly rose through the ranks, and would come to $47.81 million a day, and had $93.38 billion in "spending cash", having eventually grown to not trust banks. His often could be found with four loyal mobsters—Cicco di Parente, Korcio Attanasio, "Dirty" Harry Zoccarato and Nayana Schirru. He also had two loyal thugs and two hired but perfectly loyal watchmen that guarded his property.

Despite successfully completing 1200 missions for the mob, he was considered a failure at direct mobster-on-mobster gang wars, and oftentimes was forced into fleeing and 44 of his family's mob were slain under his watch. While this might have gotten him assassinated by higher-ups due to his apparent incompetence in the matter, his success at typical missions left his superiors to simply send him to accomplish straight-forward tasks.

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