Gender Male
Age Less than 5 years
Height 7ft 2in
Weight 225
Alignment Evil
Creator Emperor Scorpion
The most powerful cyborg on Earthrealm, Trax is committed to one thing and one thing only... To hunt down and kill anyone or anything in his way.

Combat CharacteristicsEdit

X-Ray Move: Death Wish- Trax fires a missile at the opponents legs causing him/her to trip. Trax quickly uppercuts the opponent causing the skull to break. He the follows it up by giving a knee to the face breaking the skull ounce again.

Special MovesEdit

  • Teleport-Trax teleports and uppercuts his opponent
  • Locked and Loaded- Trax fires a homing missile at his opponent
  • Rocketeer- Trax front flips and rocket boots the opponent.
  • Straight Missile- Trax fires a missile at his opponent.
  • Blast- Trax fires a projectile from his hand.


  • Blast Off!- Trax fires a missile that goes through the opponents chest and stays there. He then enters some code into his arm that makes the rocket explode. After the upper body explodes the opponents head goes flying in mid-air and Trax catches it and laughs.
  • No Mercy- Trax fires two missiles from his wrist on the opponents legs. After the opponents legs are gone Trax picks him/her up and slams them head first that makes the head explode.

    Trax's chest missile is also one of Sektor's signature moves

I Will Show No MERCY!!!

Trax's look-alike, Sektor