The Sea of Glass (in Shadeiokun, it means The Shadow Mirror) is another dimension that can only be accessed thru the Shadeiokun's Map, which is a mirror. But you must speak this song backwards while looking into the mirror: All hail all that is Dark, Dead, or warship Darkness' RULE! if the spell worked, then you turn upside down and you'll be on a boat, on a sea of glass.


-Zarronaz: human like creepers that are cannibals. -Yunnb: demon/bunny like monsters with huge feet and iron mask. -Puppets: they look like red-eyed, purple and green Sonics. -Shadeiokun: hedgehogs who have lived on the S.O.G.'s lands for years, they create Puppets so they can reproduce.

The Final Broken Mirror...Edit

when Sonic accidently broke a mirror in Tails' house, he was sucked in, and confronted by Darkness, The Music's Master. in order to be free, he had to beat Darkness in a music/magic battle, he won, but only because Tails bailed him in anger about the mirror.

The Rise of Darkness=Edit

to be edited.


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