Tribal tarantula by Toxs1n

Team Tarantula is one of the many Spartan Teams in the U.N.S.C. It's purpose is to neutralize enemy installations on Planet Reach with either stealth or assault. The Team specializes in Demolition and Intelligence Recovery.

The Team

The Team consists of five elite Spartans that come from all around Reach.

Spartan-152 Brian Falner

Major 3rd Grade Brian Falner is the leader of the group, and excels in marksmanship and quick thinking. Being a leader before, he was ripe to lead such a team into battle. A man of few words, he is well respected by his team, and never has to repeat his order nor is questioned. Shooting rifles most of his life, he was designated as the team's rifleman weilding an Assault Rifle and a DMR.

Spartan-162 Rick Hanar

Spartan-143 Amaya Rinoko

Spartan-201 Paul Alderman

Spartan-202 Max Alderman