Tarbulac Arkus
Homeworld Aetus
Height 1.80 meters
Weight 73 Kilos
Hair Black
Eyes Dark Green
Weapons Dual Lightsabers
Rank Jedi Knight
Creator WSBK





Tarbulac lives with his family, on the planet the habitants call Aetus; Aetus is a dark gloomy place filled with dangers, the ecosystem there can be described as a hazard, for is not only the aggressive wildlife but is also the completely illogical vegetation and geographic formation of the planet that turns forming a colony difficult. It is almost as if someone or something took the roll of god and designed it in his artistic vision. Tarbulac's parents are the only family he knows because of the persecution that his parents suffer from the empire. The reason that took his family to the outer rim was that his family owned a pharmaceutical company, that in the past supplied the Republic army but with the formed Empire, because of this rapid ascension the Empire quickly looked for their support to enforce their power but because the Arkus family was a pro-republic they where force to exile. But in their escape they destroyed secrets and critical facilities thus crippling the company—that action took the Empire by surprise. The Emperor Palpatine in rage orders the Arkus family to be disciplined severely and their example would show future "traitors" the outcome of their action. Temetnosce Arkus and is wife Laüvdias Majru Arkus were the only survivors of the daring escape. With this heavy loss Temetnosce Arkus took is family to a planet that he thought was safe. At first view the planet they called Aetus seemed peaceful and out of reach of the Empire but great secrets lay within the planet core and the surface lies the key to an ancient history... (still working on it)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit