This Fan Fiction, T (Moonbeast Comics), is property of Somarinoa.

Travis Deltanite
Moonbeast & T
General Information
Species Human
Inspiration Character from Quest of the Delta Knights
Gender Male
Age 12
Location Kona, Hawai'i
Occupation Private Investigator
Affiliation Independent
Relations Moonbeast ("Mentor", employer)
Weapon Information
Weapon Element Spittle
Signature Weapon Spitwad
Weakness Isn't exactly insane, but usually follows Moonbeast's direction "to a T", as it were
Game Information
Appearances Moonbeast Comics
Other Information
Status Alive
Creator Somarinoa

Born Travis Deltanite, T is a young, long blond-haired boy who accidentally bumped into Moonbeast and "quelled his ferocious fury thing" with a spitwad to the eye. He stood his ground and Moonbeast eventually stumbled off, to which T shrugged and continued on his way. Several weeks later the two ran into one another again, only this time Moonbeast informed him that he was hired for his "all inclusive package private eye business venture". Seeing an opportunity to make some money to send to his master, who had informed him that he was destined to save the world but he must first save the master from his credit debt, he willingly accepted, although he was a little let down when he discovered that "all inclusive" meant "free pass to the bathroom down the hall and to the left in the other guys' office 3 times a day". With another spitwad threat though he managed to get himself a deal involving an unlimited amount of paper with which to form spitwads out of all day (as he was training his skills to one day save the world).

Despite being "destined" to save the world and be a hero, he has performed some incredibly horrific tasks under Moonbeast's tutelage, such as tossing a young infant into a magma pool as a "peace offering" to the goddess Pele.

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