Spartan-E001 Nexuf
Halo Reach Elite MP by newguy2445
Real Name Nexuf Kig'Yar
Spartantag S-E001
Homeworld Sanghelios
Date of Birth ????,??,2525
Date of Death December, 12, 2540
Gender Male
Height 8 ft & 4 inches
Weight 720 Lbs.
Weapons Type.1 Energy Sword & Type.31 Needle Rifle
Affiliation Covenant, UNSC, United Earth Government, and Team Phantom
Rank Private (UNSC) Warrant Office (Team Phantom)
Speciality Technician
Battles Human-Covenant War, Operation: Blind-Sight, Operation: Suicide, & Recovery
Status K.I.A.
Creator Soul_Eater111
Simply because I am different in looks or believes I am still have a heart, I am no different from you.

–-Nexuf to Alison during their conversation