Spartan-451 H.U.N.K.
899 stream
Real Name (Unknown)
Spartantag Spartan-451
Homeworld Planet Earth
Date of Birth (Unknown)
Date of Death N/A
Age (Unknown)
Gender Male
Height 6 feet & 3 inches
Weight 364 Lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eyes Hazel Green
Cyber Spartan Neutral Interference
A.I. ETA (Incomprehension)
Armor Colors Steel Black (Primary)

Forest Green (Secondary)

Armor Equipment Tactical Projection
Weapons Firefly SMG (new)MP4 (Customized) (Primary)
Affiliation Freelancer Spartan
Rank Freelancer (Spartan Mercenary)
Speciality Infltration, Close-Range Combat Expert, Long-Range Combat Expert, Sharp-Shooter, and Battle Tactician
Status Alive
This is war, survival is your responsibility.

–Responding to the radio transmission to his fellow comrades.


Early LifeEdit

Next to nothing known about his early life or even his name. No family, friends, no nothing. There are no files on him or anything. All we know about him, is that he was born on Planet Earth.

Freelancer TrainingEdit

Somewhere around his 20's he was trained by a unknown freelancer who see's the boy has potential to become a deadly assassin, so he took the boy to a freelancer outpost on a remote island and begins the training. The boy showed much promise during his years of training.