Spartan-183 Sayer
Sousuke sagara by annaoi-d4r50e5
Real Name Sayer J. Price
Spartantag Spartan-183
Homeworld Planet Reach
Date of Birth August, 9th, 2510
Date of Death December, 12th, 2540
Gender Male
Height 5 ft & 6 inches
Weight 163 lbs
Weapons M392 Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR)
Affiliation Spartan Neutral Interference, UNSC, United Earth, Team Phantom
Rank Warrant Officer
Speciality Human Body Knowledge, Elite Body Knowledge, Medicine Making, and Field Medic Officer
Battles Operation Build-Sight, Operation- Suicide, & Recovery
Status K.I.A.
Creator Soul_Eater111
The reason why I joined UNSC is so I can help end the meaningless bloodshed.

–-Sayer telling Nikola why he joined UNSC.