This story is a fan fiction based on the world of Shin Megami Tensei created by Kuro Selas.

Chapter 1 - AwakeningEdit

Sometimes I wonder what is a dream and all I can think about is the emotions it makes us feel, all the joy and sorrow we feel in the so called real world can also be felt there, and what if the dreams were to become our reality? What if you would end up stuck in you're worst nightmare? What if...someone wanted you there?

My name is Nae Takasuke, I live in a big city called Gekkoukan, in Japan, I'm 17 years and I study at Gekkoukan High School like my younger brother Sui Takasuke who is two years younger than me. We are very much alike in terms of appearance but in personality we couldn't be more different than we are. Sui likes to stick out, to be noticed by everyone in school, he spends a lot of time in front of the miror fixing his dark sipky hair, while I don't care about that at all, my hair is always messy and shading my blue eyes. Once again we were late for school because Sui wound't get out of the bathroom for a change. Nae: Hurry up Sui we're going to be late.

Sui: I'm coming wait up a sec!

Sui finally got down with his leather jacket on, his best jeans and his All-Stars.

Nae: Finally. Do you have to dress like you're going to a fashion show? We're going to be late.

Sui: Come on now it's the first day of school and you're already worried that we're going to be late. You should loosen up a bit don't you think Nae. And maybe buy some new clothes, that dressing all in black trend is so much last years.

Nae: Ok, I'm not even going to comment that, hurry up with you're breakfast or we'll miss the bus.

Sui: Where is mom and dad?

Nae: They've already left for work.

Suddenly a yellow flash was seen passing. The school bus had arrived.

Nae: No time for breakfast Sui.

Sui left with a piece of bread on his hand and the brothers ran to catch the bus, arriving just in time before the door closed.

Bus Driver: When the school year couldn't start without you two arriving late as always.

To be continued