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Shawn Roback
General Information
Species Human
Inspiration Amalgamation of multiple
individuals Somarinoa had a
romantic rivalry with in years past
Gender Male
Age 31 (born in 1981)
Location Silent Hill, Maine
Occupation Gas Station Mechanic
Affiliation Independent
Relations Alice Noel-Roback (wife)
Weapon Information
Weapon Element Metal
Signature Weapon Heavy chain
Weakness Fears and past sins have
created Nightmares for him
to face in Silent Hill
Game Information
Appearances Silent Hill: Devil's Pacifism (pending)
Silent Hill: Devil's Pacifism (video game)
Silent Hill: Roback's Story
Silent Hill: Hunger Pangs
Level Phoenix, Arizona
Hit Points 100
Other Information
Status Alive
Creator Somarinoa

Shawn Roback is a secondary character of Silent Hill: Devil's Pacifism and Silent Hill: Hunger Pangs, and serves as the primary protagonist for his own DLC scenario, Silent Hill: Roback's Story. He is the husband of Alice Noel-Roback and is the individual who asked Thor Steinbach to make the journey to town, as well as being the focus of Detective Rembrandt's missing persons investigation, and the reason that the old police officer has come to Silent Hill.

Unfortunately for Thor, Shawn neglected to specify where in town he would be located at, leaving Thor to be forced to find him on foot after his car broke down on the outskirts of town. As he is barely friendly with him, it is possible that this was done on purpose simply to aggravate his former "rival".

Shawn drove into town on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. He has been pursued to Silent Hill by Detective Rembrandt; once he realizes this he does everything in his power to avoid the detective, who he believes will do nothing but get in his way (and also, potentially kill him).


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Styx - Renegade

Styx - Renegade

Roback's Theme: Styx's "Renegade"

  • Hair color: Brown
  • Hair length: Hair is short and consistently slicked back. His hair product used is strong and therefore it does not get tousled, except under conditions of very active behavior, such as prolonged offense and defense against powerful Night Terrors.
  • Skin tone: Caucasian
  • Apparel: Shawn came to town wearing his motorcycle helmet (abandoned in the story, although wearable in the game version), a leather jacket, black Misfits t-shirt, slim jeans dirtied with grease due to tinkering on his bike, and cowboy boots. When not in use, he keeps his heavy chain wrapped around his right arm and held in place with one of his jacket's snap-on glove holders. He also carries a pack of cigarettes—specifically, Lucky Strikes.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Shawn is an amalgamation, based upon multiple individuals Somarinoa had a romantic rivalry with in years past. However, his apparel design is simply due to Somarinoa's personal liking of the greaser style.