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Gender Male
Age About 1000 years
Height 1m 85cm
Weight 180lbs
Resides 85 kilos
Origin NetherRealm
Species Demon
Weapons Demon sword
Fighting Styles Aikido
Alignment Evil
Creator Kahn the Empreror
Prepare to face your death!

–quoted by Kahn the Empreror


Shaakas wears fully black costume similar to ninja's, but without mask. Also, at his chest, it is covered with a purple jacket. He has black moustache, and beard.


Shaakas is a demon, but he could make a fully human body. He used to serve Shao Kahn as a Shadow Priest, but escaped when the Emperor was killed by the Deadly Alliance. From that moment, he develops his powers, and gets ready for Armageddon. His aim is to defeat Blaze, and take all the power to himself and to conquer the realms.

Special MovesEdit

  • Death Fireball — Shaakas shoots a dark fireball into an enemy.
  • Throughout Run — Shaakas runs throughout his enemy, making him stop.
  • Forwardflip kick — Shaakas jumps forward, making a salto with a strong kick.
  • Throughout Jump — Shaakas jumps throughout his enemy making him stop, but when he has almost came throughout his enemy he grabs enemy's head with his legs, and throws an enemy forward.
  • Teleport Throughout Stomp — Shaakas teleports into the ground, and jumps under his enemy going throughout him making enemy stop. Then he lands onto his enemy.

X-Ray MoveEdit

  • Inner Break — Shaakas turns his enemy behind him. Then he takes his arm throughout his enemy, and breaks his enemy's ribs from the inside. Then he gets out his arm, and strikes his enemy at the back with his second arm. This breaks his enemy ribs from the back, and pushes his enemy away


180px-Shaakas alt

Shaakas alternative suit

  • Spine Stab — Shaakas runs through his enemy ripping away his spine, then runs back through his enemy stabbing the ripped spine into his enemy's neck.
  • Heart & Brain — Shaakas gets his arms inside his enemy, and quickly rips away his enemy's heart, and brain. Then he covers them with energy, and gets back in wrong order: heart into head, and brain into chest. For some seconds, he watches his enemy shouting in pain, and then activates the energy making the heart, and the brain blow up with enemy's head, and chest.
  • Arm Stab - Shaakas holds enemy's arms, making them non-materialistic for a moment. He puts them inside enemy's belly throughout, and then releases his arms. Enemy's arms become materialistic, and stuck in his belly causing awful pain. While opponent cries out in pain, Shaakas gladly watches him for a moment, and then he rips 2 bones from enemy's stuck arms, and stab them into his head at the sides.


  • Skull Rip — Shaakas gets his arm inside his head, and rips away his skull.

Game AppearancesEdit

  • Mortal Kombat Armageddon (Kreate-a-Fighter)