Rodo is a robot that resembles GLadOs in a way, but more rusty, smaller, and has legs. His right hand is a security camera that can shoot a blinding ray of light. He's The SteelWorks Inc. Headmaster's Spy and student. He lives on the zombie infested planet Jupiter.

SteelWorks IncEdit

SteelWorks is a company built by Leo Arron the 2nd to fight the zombies. In the process, it made hundreds of dollars with robots they sold. Some include Flareo, Ironeo, And Rodo. Rodo was he best, but not the smartest.


Name: Camera Zombie Hunter VVVX A.I. RobotWorks Species: Meta Haunter. Game: None. Made of: Jupitorian Metal and LED 0 Lights. Allies: SteelWorks Inc and Co, C.O.M.P.U.T.E.R.I.D.A.S.H. Enemies: Zombies, SteelWorks Iron Shade, H.S.A.D.I.R.E.T.U.P.M.O.C. Creator (real life): AidanTheHedgehogisawsome. Creator(In Non-Real Life): IronWorks Mining Co and SteelWorks' Grandmaster.


MK: In the Jupiter level. Portal: In the back round, banging on glass to be let out. CastleVania: Cheering you on in the first Boss Battle. InJustice: A downloadable skin for Green Lantern.

SteelWorks Iron ShadeEdit

Iron Shade is Rodo's evil almost twin. He was built to help Rodo, but a Zombie got into the Iron Shade Matrix Dispenser (which makes the robots), and the Rodo Twin was turned into a Code Red Alert...

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