RazbityeStala is Russian for 'Shattered Steel' is a faction in the Halo: The Fall and Rise of The Spartans Universe. They are a military force made up of soldiers who have broken off from the UNSC.


RazbityeStala was once part of the UNSC branch, they were a group of mercenaries, veterans of war, and outcasts. They have been with the UNSC for many years, sent to battle to battle, war to war, station to station. Around the year 2518,The Director (name is missing from Data Files) decided that to be ready for the upcoming wars, they must prepare themselves. He was granted permission by the head officers of the UNSC to run numerous of tests to create new advanced weapons, chemical based weapons, advanced Artificial Intelligences, and (missing data). In order to test out the prototype weapons, they have created numerous facility bases all around the world, and have been kidnapping numerous of people to be tested on.

The Chairman of UNSC Oversight Sub-Committee was beginning to grow suspicious of The Director and his experiments. The Chairman has exchange several messages between The Director warning him about the protocol on the experiments and that if he continues to run these experiments he would be arrested and trialed.

The Chairman decided to take matters to his own hands, he has sent a number of spies to infiltrate.......