"Not even the great Notch can stop me!! I have the Editator!!" -End to his rival, Jeb. End is a genius enderman who can build everything from working cars to Battle Airships.

Back/Life StoryEdit

One day in The End, a Enderman named End was boasting that he was the Smartest in The End, The EnderDragon heard, and said: "If you can find out how to pick up Endstone, then I will said you as the End representative to the Overworld." End thought hard while doing math in his head. Then, he built a crane out of Obsidian powered by an EndCrstal, that picked up hundreds of things of Endstone. The Dragon was impressed, and told End goodbye, and sent him to the Overworld, where End built the Editator (2 iron ingents, an Enderpearl, redstone, Iron Bars, a Crafting table, and a Command Block), which allows him to fuse blocks, and do everything he wants. Jeb heard of this, and told Notch about the Enderman. Jeb was sent to kill it, and he never did. Because he was defeated every time, and End was always in his lab, and its far far far far far under the ground.


Race: Overworld Enderman. Allies: EnderDragon, 303. Enemies: Jeb, Herobrine, Notch. Powers: EnderPowers, Iron Pistonkinese. Other Names: Ender, Doc End, Doc E., The Nerdeist Enderman Ever, The Crafter. Clothing: A lab coat, goggles, and Metal Glovey things. More Coming Soon.

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