This Fan Fiction, Nunchaku Man, is property of Somarinoa.

Nunchaku Man
Nunchaku Man
General Information
Species Robot Master
Inspiration Gladiator
Gender Male-Programming
Location Earth
Occupation Robot Master
Affiliation Dr. Kojiro
Relations Dr. Kojiro Peppa (creator)
Peppa Numbers (siblings)
Weapon Information
Weapon Element Energy
Signature Weapon Nunchucker
Game Information
Appearances Mega Man K1
Hit Points 40
Other Information
Status Destroyed (assumed)
Creator Somarinoa
Prepare to be Nunchucked.

–Nunchaku Man

Dr. Kojiro's 3rd robot master, Nunchaku Man was based on the unconventional nunchaku weaponry, combined with both laser and bola technologies.

His weapon, the Nunchucker, fires an energy nunchaku out of either of the twin-barreled busters located on each arm, which then spins end over end until it makes contact with a physical object, at which point the energy 'detonates', hopefully injuring an opponent.

Despite his eventual destruction, Nunchaku Man proved a powerful opponent, and so Dr. Kojiro rebuilt him several times. Rumors state that he may have survived the Cataclysm and that he continues to survive even in the era of Megaman Tempo.

Behind the scenesEdit

Nunchaku Man is one of the creator's favorite personal characters in terms of design.

Nunchaku Man was created as the first of a group of 8 Robot Masters whose themes were obtained from various friends of Somarinoa, in order to make the characters weapons as varied as possible. Somarinoa asked his late friend Tad "Tanma" Wade - a fellow large Mega Man fan - for a theme and he thought for a few seconds before responding with "Uh...n...nunchucks?". The character was originally designed as a comical character, but was later redrawn in a serious form.

Nunchaku Man's constant rebuilding despite being destroyed is a way to keep some form of the memory of Tanma alive.

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