Sea Zora TP

Marthune's first form.


Marthune is an ancient Zora who created Majora's mask and The Master Sword. In attempt to rule Hyrule, He used the two ancient tools to fight the Goddesses. His plan failed, and he was cast into the Realm Of Twilight. His son, Gannon, followed in Marthune's foot steps. Soon, Marthune constructed a plan to create zombies to kill the forces of light, so made Redeads...but, he was turned into one.

Raging Chasm

When Mathune the Redead and his army rose back to Hyrule.


Age: None (undead), 45 (normal) Allies: Gannon, Dark Link, and Zanh. Enemies: Link, The Goddesses, and Zelda. Clothes: A black robe that looks like a shadow with mummy bandages, and mask that looks like a big eye that covers his undead face. Weapon: Twisted Blade. Power(s): Flips n' Blades, Summon Redeads, Shadow-Punches, Wall Master's Stick (lets him climb on walls).

AO Space Pirate 1

Marthune's form right now.


Quotes: "When I return...Gannon, Demise, and my other children will own this realm...", "My minions will handle that for you Son.", "Let's see what your made of, Elf!", "MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!!! I have The TriForce! YOU'LL NEVER BEAT ME NOW!!!", "I'll take that, little girl, you can't handle it's power..."

I really think he should be in LOZ: Dark LegacyEdit

He could fit in the plot, because he could confuse Dark Link for Link, and be an antagonist.

AO Chig

Marthune in Demonite Armor.

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