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Mina Harm Bloodedge, was once the proud princess of the vampire kingdom but now is exiled from the kingdom. She is one of the strongest of the vampires if not the strongest. She is one of the supporting characters in Blood Reign: The Dawn and one of the main characters in Blood Reign. She eventually falls in love with Sabrewulf Taliban and has a son with him.

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Nadil Bloodedge is the one of the primary antagonist in the Blood Reign series. Nadil acts like a peaceful, kind, and caring father in the very beginning of the series however behind this hides a curl, paranoid, and crazed being. His paranoia and his insanity leads him to kill his brother-in-law and soon he attempts to kill his brother-in-law's child fearing that the blood of child's father will lead up to the destruction of his kingdom.