Kyklos Galaxy

The Kyklos Galaxy

The Kyklos Galaxy, formerly known as the Milky Way Galaxy, is the home galaxy of the Human race. It was renamed after it was decided that too many official names for things created by scientists were too stupid to continue being used, out of the public face's embarrassment of using it amongst various other sapient species.hvihcuycuycugcgucyu


After mankind officially discovered other sapient races in their home galaxy, many individuals began to complain about how stupid some of the names chosen by scientists were, starting the War of the Words. A compromise was eventually reached and certain names, including that of the Milky Way galaxy, were altered to alternate versions in order to "sound cooler" and make mankind "not look like a bunch of saps to the galactic community". As such, the Human race's name for the Milky Way was reverted to the Greek name, γαλαξίας κύκλος (galaxías kýklos), which, while meaning "milky circle" was decided certainly sounded cooler. Within a few years this was shortened to just Kýklos, spelled as Kyklos amongst English-speaking countries.


Celestial ObjectsEdit



  • Xenix:
  • Xrosroads: Military Free Zone planet, former Permitted zoo world