Kathy the Kitty Portrait
Kathy the Kitty
Intended victim Thor Steinbach
Average Size Human height with additional mask size
Alternate Form Corpse (Purgatoria)
Undead (Abyssmhel)

For the character in her life, see Katherine Garavito.

Kathy the Kitty is one of the four mascots for the Lakeside Amusement Park, and is encountered by Thor Steinbach during his time trapped within the town. She is light purple in color with soft pink highlights, wears a dress and has a large bow on her head.

Appearing in the Labyrinth of Self Reflection, a single corpse wearing this mascot costume is found. This outfit has greatly deteriorated on its lower half, rotting away to the point of looking like some sort of perverse garter belt and stocking fetish, albeit dirty and caked in old blood from the corpse underneath. The head, also badly damaged, becoming reminiscent in appearance of a cat that has been run over by a car, complimented by a massive level of regurgitated gore and former viscera out of the mask's mouth. If initially examined, the corpse does nothing, but after reaching a specific level in the Labyrinth (and thereby triggering the transition into Thor's Otherworld), her and the other three mascots suddenly awaken, twitching violently as if shocked by some invisible source.

Now awakened, Kathy carries a large, but heavily damaged butter knife, rusted and bent out of shape, with several chunks missing to give it a primitive serrated appearance. She giggles like a 12-year-old girl yet walks forward seductively, sashaying towards her victims until she is close enough to drive her blade into their sternum, her body still half limp from the death imposed on her. One should note that she has a longer range than may otherwise be assumed, as she has no qualms about thrusting the blade forward, tripling her reach. If she closes range with Thor she can perform a near-instant kill, where she must be fought off or all hope will be lost. During this attack, she tackles Thor to the ground and straddles him sensually, bringing the blade up her body before driving it back down into his chest cavity, essentially cleaving him in half.

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