Jaw Man is one of Dr. Wily's latest Robot Masters. It was built to combat Mega Man under water, so to slow Rock down (and kill him).

Weapons and MovesEdit

His weapon is called Jaw Blast, by opening is Shark based fist, he can launch two missiles to shoot Mega Man. He's a ride able Robot Master, and not very though. If you get his health low enough, he'll cower in the corner saying: "No! Don't Shoot! Cease Fire! Please!!!" then if you shoot him, he'll die and blow up the arena, if you don't, he'll give you a ride to Dr. Light, and thank you for sparing his life.


Basically, your walking thru a sewer filled with MetSharks, which are Mets, but Sharkier (I guess?). The Place you fight him is at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. He'll summon REAL sharks to attack you so, be careful, Mega Man!


His design is like a blue, knight with big metal sharks as hands. (Pic coming soon!!!!!) MORE COMING SOON...

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