This Fan Fiction, Hylid Man, is property of Somarinoa.

Hylid Man
Hylid Man
General Information
Species Robot Master
Inspiration Red-eyed treefrog
(Agalychnis callidryas)
Gender Male-Programming
Location Belize, Central America
Affiliation Anura Unit (Primary)
Dr. Grenouille (Secondary)
Relations Dr. Angelique Grenouille (creator)
Anura Unit (allies, brothers)
Weapon Information
Game Information
Appearances Mega Man: Project ANURA
Mega Man: Project CROAK
Hit Points 28
Other Information
Status Online
Decommissioned by 21XX
Creator Somarinoa
"Let's hurry this up, alright? I've got a plane to catch tonight!"

–Hylid Man

Hylid Man Sprite

Enlarged standing sprite of Hylid Man.

Hylid Man is a robot master built by Dr. Grenouille at the behest of the founding members of the Anura Unit. Due to a slight misunderstanding between the doctor and her benefactors, Hylid Man's physical design, as with Gold Man's before him, was based directly off of ⅔ of the group. Hylid's theme animal is that of the red-eyed treefrog.

Hylid Man is built to take advantage of an arboreal environment, and is built with suction pads to allow him to stick to the ceiling of his arena effortlessly. He can also enter a sort of hibernation mode, as seen when a foe first enters his arena; this is used to conserve his water stores, as he is powered through the use of water.

When attacking, he can stand on the ceiling and stomp the branch covering the top of his arena, shaking it and allowing objects to fall to the floor. While on the ground, he can also use a focused Vocal Burst.

He notably takes more damage from the front than he does from behind, due to less armor plating on his front; this is due to the technology used to allow him to utilize his Vocal Burst. Even so, this damage is negligible with a normal buster shot. His color also changes slightly when he takes damage due to a change in overall mood.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Hylid Man's theme is intended to sound as a sort of cross between Toad Man's Completed Works and Web Spider's.
  • His quote is a reference to red-eye flights.
  • Hylid Man, along with Gold Man, were not initially intended to be actual robot masters, as Somarinoa does not usually use palette swaps any longer (although technically his old "palette swaps" were not pure, 10-seconds-to-make color alterations, anyhow). Instead, they were created for a quick art project known as The Anura Unit, which was Frog Man and Toad Man recolored to represent a large number of existing frog species for a poster he was going to create for himself; in the end, however, his creativity got the better of him and he could no longer avoid adding backstories to them as he sprited them. While at least 50 were planned to be created, only these two have been made so far simply due to having to give them official names and writing for them; eventually, Somarinoa still plans on creating all 50+, although he does not assume they will all be planned for an actual game project.