A man of courage, is also full of faith.

–Marcus Tillius Cicero

Race Saiyan
Gender Male
Date of birth 5:29 pm, September 10th,
980 AD
Date of death To be Announced.
Height 6 feet.
Weight 250 pounds.
Address Planet Pasuta
Likes Yomoko
Family Yumiro (brother)
Hikamiro (father)
Abilities Flight
Mastery of Ki
Alpha Saiyan
Creator TitaniumBardock (TB)


Hikaru grew up with his brother, Yumiro, in the East Pasutian Grand Forest, with a pack of wolves whom took them in as their own. Up until the age of five, he was part of the pack with his brother. He, and his brother were kicked out, and wandered the streets. An old man discovered them, and took them to a local orphanage. There, they met Yomoko, Hikaru's love interest.

From there, the three stuck together through the rest of school, and a little bit afterwards.

Appearance, and Personality

Hikaru is a normal, built, Ancient Saiyan by appearance, but he does not wear saiyan armor, or clothing. He wears a white leather jacket (open) with a black undershirt, white pants, and white shoes.

His personality is completely opposite of the stereotypical saiyan. He is extremely kind, merciful, good natured, well mannered, cool-headed, and enlightened (wise). He is also very religious, courageous, persistent (in a good way), and highly moral. He refuses to kill anyone, but if it is highly necessary, he will, but he always shuts down for a while afterwards.
Hikaru 2

Teenage Hikaru


Hikaru has few relationships throughout the story.

Yumiro is Hikaru's younger brother. The two bicker a lot, but always find a way to get along again. Hikaru is disappointed at how Yumiro acts, and shares opposite views about most things.

Yomoko is the next door neighbor of Hikaru. Hikaru has a love interest with her, but is too shy to express it, like in the second episode, "The Moon Effect...".

Hikamiro is his father. Hikamiro isn't dead, but he can only exist if Hikaru, and Yumiro fuse together. When Hikamiro has a physical body, Hikaru, and Yumiro can speak to him via concious. Hikaru loves his father more than anything, in family love of course.

Abilities, Techniques, and Transformations

Hikaru has his own set of abilities, techniques, and transformations, which he gains, and uses throughout the story.

  • Flight
  • Control over Ki (Mastery Level)
  • Bouncing Dragon (martial art)
  • Pasutian Wolf (martial art)
  • Quasar (Full Power Heavy Finisher Ki Release) (FPHFKR) (Normal form)
  • Darkness Destroyer (Full Power Heavy Finisher Ki Release) (FPHFKR) (Alpha Saiyan)
  • Alpha Saiyan
  • Great Ape
Alpha Saiyan Hikaru

Hikaru as an Alpha Saiyan