Chapter 1 - Born from the dreamsEdit

Once upon a time there was man by the name of Oniro, he was said to have born from the dreams of mankind, not a man nor a demon, but something else. His skin was dark like the night and his long white hair shined as brightly as his blue eyes. Oniro appeared when mankind needed him the most. The demon lord Baronar had finnaly made his move to attack the world of humans. Mankind alone stood no chance against such opponent. Man were slaughtered in battle while women and children were killed while running way.

Oniro appeared and confronted Baronar with the help of 6 brave knights, together they locked Baronar within the deepest abyss of hell never to be released again. Unfortunenaly their joy did not last long. Oniro had given is one life to imprison the Demon Lord, he faded in the battle field leaving nothing but his sword behind and a warm memory mankind would never forgot.

Time passed and mankind enjoyed relative peace, Oniro was adored as their hero and his sword was seen as an holy item. The sword was stuck in the ground of the battlefield, like the legend of the great king Arthur no one could remove the sword, it was like, it acted as a reminder of the battle that was held there, a reminder to mankind of their sins. Since their sins were the one's that led the gates of hell to open, releasing Baronar and causing the death of their hero.

To Be Continued