This Fan Fiction, Graybel, is property of Muffin lovrrrr.

Gender Male
Resides Earthrealm
Species Mandarlil
Allies Shao Kahn (former)
Jax (former)
Enemies Jax (former)
Shao Kahn (current)
Weapons Stone Hammer
Creator Muffin lovrrrr

Graybel was just a young child when Shao Kahn invaded and killed his entire race but for some reason kept him alive. Growing up he was put through brutal training sessions as his race, the Mandarlils, had skin of pure stone through. This training his natural mandarlils strength and hardness was increased by x20; also using his power to morph anything stone into any shape he needs is even better. Eventually he was put in as a fighter for the Mortal Kombat tournament where in his 2nd match he lost to a fighter named Jax whose cybernetic arms overpowered him. For this Shao Kahn sentenced him to execution and called him a waste of time. Training after locking him in a cell while arranging the execution he was broke out by Raiden and Jax soon after he joined Earthrealm in the fight against Shao Kahn he trained more and more until he finally defeated Jax. Graybel happens to like to create stone hammers and use them for weapons.

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