This Fan Fiction, Grape Man, is property of Somarinoa.

Grape Man (DPN-022)
Grape Man
General Information
Species Robot Master
Inspiration Zui Quan Drunken Martial Arts
Gender Male-Programming
Location Earth
Occupation Robot Master
Affiliation Dr. Kojiro
Relations Dr. Kojiro Peppa (creator)
Peppa Numbers (siblings)
Weapon Information
Signature Weapon Merlot Snipe
Game Information
Appearances Mega Man K3
Hit Points 28
Other Information
Status Destroyed
Creator Somarinoa
You don't look sho tough...I can shtop you...hic!

–Grape Man

Dr. Kojiro's 22nd robot master, Grape Man was based on the theme of wine and unpredictability. He fights by "uncorking" his weapon, the Merlot Snipe, to release a very fast-firing blast of wine-like substance from the barrel, as well as a ground-following foam that moves slower, forcing his enemies to watch out for both each time. He can also personally consume this energy by pouring his next shot into his funneled mouth, which powers him up—it also causes little markings on his face to light up a bright pink (deep red in-game) as he begins to charge (a reference to getting drunk). When powered up, he uses Zui Quan, also known as Drunken Fist, making him unpredictable and hard to hit properly without wasting weapon energy or charged shots. When charged up he can also fire a large "wine beam" from his head, which fires forward with intense pressure before running low, causing the beam to shoot straight at first, but then "wilt" in a manner similar to uncorking a shaken bottle of champagne.

His weapon, the Merlot Snipe, fires a very fast but thin shot directly forward from the buster, while a foam travels along the ground after it at quarter speed.

Behind the scenesEdit

His head, forearms and legs are built to resemble wine bottles (although the feet only look like proper wine bottles from the front). Each forearm has a large readout indicating current energy levels to represent wine bottle labels—he also has an actual label on his head, which holds Dr. Kojiro's stamp. His shoulders and chest gem are meant to represent grapes.

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