"Girls, i had a Vision. Demy, Akira, Kitana and Jade, you four will die, die in a fight, which will bring Armageddon - the fight of Armageddon"- Raiden to the four Ninjas of light.

The Fight of Armageddon was the last fight of all the Kombatants, except Raiden, the only survivor. It was a fight Forces of Light against the Forces of Darkness. It was seen as the opening and ending scene of MK12.

The FightEdit

0:00: The Sequence began with a Vulture eating the eye of an unknown corpse, when you could see the forces of light come. Then you saw Kintaro on the other side screaming, and the fight, began.

0:12: Li Mei was impaled by Scorpion's Sword, who fought later against Sub-Zero.

0:16: Amy is seen fighting against Quan Chi, who throws her into Akira's arms.

0:22: Akira kills Amy, by performing her Flaming Ice Explosion Fatality.

0:29: Kitana is fighting against Kintaro, who punches her away, and Kitana disappears in the clouds.

0:35: Tanya and Frost are fighting, as Jade kicks Frost away, who's attacked by Demy.

0:38: Frost impales Demy with her Ice Daggers, and then slits her throat.

0:40: Akira impales Frost with her Kori Blade, and throws her away.

0:42: The Pyramid of Argus raises from the Ground, and Blaze appears on the top.

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