Fera Viginti-Sex
Alias 'Lady Fera the Dextrous'
Species Metallic Dragon- Iron Dragon
Gender Female
Age 648, Years Old
Birth of Origin Mortal Plane- 4 Elements Mountains
Birthdate July, 16th
Weapons (Claws)
Fighting Style 'Dragon Fighting Style'
Weapon Names None
Element Affinity 'Fire (Main)'

'Air (Secondary)'

Element Weakness 'Water (Main)'

'Earth (Secondary)'

Pact Summoning None
Weight/ Height 6ft & 7 inches / ????? lbs
Organizations Iron Dragon Tribe
Occupations 'Dragon Knight'
With the Orb in my captivity, that Warlock can't torture the minds of my people no more.

–-Fera to herself after retrieving the Ancient Dragon Orb.

Fera Viginti-Sex is one of the main characters in Blood Reign. She is close friend of Kirliuian the dragon of light. She is on a quest to retrieve an ancient orb of the Iron Dragons from a powerful warlock Dreaddrick.





Abilities & Techniques

Character Relationships



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