One day, SZ had to get Kitana to the hospital, because she was having a baby. But, Shang Tsung cursed her while she was in the hospital, mutating the baby into an ugly hybrid.


side: good allies: SZ, Shang Tsung (thinking he's a good guy), Raiden. rivals: Reptile, Baraka, Kratos. enemies: Shao Khan, Scorpion, Freddy Kruger, Blaze. clothing: a white mask with a beak, red chain mail headdress, a red ninja robe and black pirate pants, with a belt made of demon skulls. appearance: 4 arms, blades coming out of wrist, lizard-like skin, and bob-cat paws as feet.

Jobs and appearancesEdit

His job is to aid Raiden in every way possible, being his apprentice. His first appearance was in Kitana's story in MK: The Occulos Rift.

Likes and DislikesEdit

He likes flowers, dreams, ninjas, SZ, Kitana, killing demons, bunnies and, well, like every other killing machine would, ponies (LOL). He hates Demons, Snakes, sad bunnies, people hateing on ponies.

other mediaEdit

he also appeared in Sonic the hedgehog: THE FINAL TASK as a mini boss!

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