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Dead Beast

Prime vs SSJ4 Vegeta

Dead Beast is a movie of the series Dragon Ball Ultimate Saiyans. The movie is made by ExtremeSSJ4 who made the series. This is the first movie after that is the movie Possesion (Dragon Ball Ultimate Saiyans Movie). The movie occurs during the six months of Goku's absent. A meteor lands on planet Earth the Z fighters go and see what's happening. A strange creature comes out from the meteor it plans on destroying the whole planet. The Z fighters do the best they can do to stop him. Will it be enough?

Theme SongEdit

The theme song of this movie is called Hero which is by Skillet


Saiyan Help:Edit

Alien 1: Help!!

A creature is flying towards the alien.

Creature: Hahahaha! Die!!

The creature makes a green energy ball with his hands.

Creature: Mega Ball!!

The green energy ball is shot towards the alien.

Alien: Nooo!!!!!

The energy ball burns the alien.

Meanwhile on a lab near the creatures location...

Alien Scientist 1: Is it ready?

Alien Scientist 2: Yes, its ready!

Alien Scientist 3: Get ready to fire!!

The creature named Prime is on his way to the lab.

Alien Scientist 3: Sir, the machine is not working

Alien Scientist 1: What!? Close all the doors!!

All the doors begin to close.

Alien Scientist 1: You soldiers!!

Alien Soldier 1: Yes?

Alien Scientist 1: Protect the doors

Alien Soldiers: Right away sir!

Alien Scientist 2: Sir the machine needs some time until it works

Alien Scientist 1: How much time?

Alien Scientist 2: One hour

Alien Scientist 1: We don't have that much time

Alien Scientist 3: Sir, why don't we release the Saiyan

Alien Scientist 1: Good idea! We'll let him go if he defeats Prime <Points to a soldier> Soldier bring the Saiyan

Alien Soldier 1: Yes sir!

The alien brings in the Saiyan. The saiyan is chained and covered in blood.

Alien Scientist 1: Saiyan, we will let you free if you do us a little job

Saiyan: What kind of job?

Alien Scientist 1: We need you to kill someone

Saiyan: That should be easy


Prime: This is the best they can do!

Shoots an energy ball at the door and destroys it.

Back with the scientist...

Alien Soldier 3: Sir, Prime has just destroyed the first door and is on his way here

Alien Scientist 1: You are going kill Prime, Saiyan

Saiyan: Sure thing boss

Alien Scientist 1: Soldier call Viprer

The Soldier calls Viprer through a phone-like device. Viprer enters the room.He's a huge alien similar to a lizard or a crocodile.

Alien Scientist 1: Viprer, I need you to help the saiyan

Viprer: How much will you pay me?

Alien Scientist 1: One million credits

Viprer: Deal!

Saiyan: I don't need any help

Prime breaks through the doors and enters the lab.

Prime: Stop hiding!!

Saiyan: You want me to kill that weakling?

Prime: Ha, you call me weakling?

Not So Much Of A Helper:Edit

60 Years Later:Edit