Darth Hevokk
(Hevokk Turlession)
Hevokk 11 Unfinished Colossus Cropped
Homeworld Rattatak
Eyes Light blue
Weapons Double-bladed Lightsaber
Rank Sith Assassin
Creator Somarinoa

Darth Hevokk was a Rattataki, born a slave but later conditioned to become a Sith assassin and apprenticed by Darth Zash during the Cold War between 3,643 and 3,641 BBY.

He was a notable flirt with females of the Human race and even successfully slept with Darth Lachris. He often would also act concerned over anothers' well-being yet once he got what he wanted many times ended up "throwing them under the bus". Despite being only an apprentice, he possessed a Dashade bodyguard, and later began working alongside a Sith sorcerer named Rottick. Early into his career as a member of the Sith, he discovered a Revanite cult on Dromund Kaas and joined them, freeing him from a full Sith possession.

He was known for having convinced an Abyssin on Korriban to consume Sith apprentices to get stronger, aid in the study of Tu'kata brains, keeping the identity of the Revanite's current leader a secret from the Empire at large by setting up Darth Charnus, having a significant hand in the Battle of Balmorra, as well as many later events.

Although he eventually died through unknown means, the energy of him later was pulled into the creation of the Amalgam Galaxy, where he would soon reincarnate and become a mute Sith Marauder apprenticed by Darth Bubonis, serving as the second most powerful Sith Lord in the age.


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