222px-Cyro 2
Real Name Cyro
Gender Male
Age 27
Height 5ft & 7inches
Weight 175lbs
Resides EarthRealm
Origin EarthRealm
Species Cyromancer
Allies Frost
Enemies Sub-Zero
Weapons Hyusame (A long sword of ice)
Fighting Styles Hapkido
Alignment Neutral
Creator Kuro Selas
Come here Sub-Zero!

Let's finish this!

–Cyro to Sub-Zero


Cyro is Frost's older brother. He left their family seeking to increase his fighting skills, and his mastery over ice, something he inherited from his father, who died ten years ago.

In his journey, he fought many warriors, and was always victorious. That was until he found an adversary with the same powers as him, Sub-Zero. Cyro fought well, but the powers of the great Lin Kuei warrior were too much for him. Facing his first defeat, Cyro walked away ashamed, not hearing what Sub-Zero had to say to him. He swore to gain enough strength, so he could one day defeat Sub-Zero.

Years passed, and Cyro came to know of the Mortal Kombat tournament, hearing it was a tournament where the greatest fighters in the world competed, he decided to enter, hoping to find. and defeat Sub-Zero.

Special MovesEdit

  1. Freezing Wave- Cyro moves his arms forward with incredible speed, and a wave of ice comes out of them, freezing the opponent.
  2. Ice Pillar - Cyro puts his hands on the ground, causing it to freeze, and sharp ice pillars to move in the direction of his opponent.
  3. Surfing - The ground beneath Cyro's feet freezes, and is able to dash forward, punch his opponent in the stomach, freezing it, and then he sends him backwards with an uppercut.
  4. Artic - Cyro launches a Ice Blast towards the opponent's feet, freezing them, and then performs a flying kick to his chest.

X-Ray MoveEdit

No escape - Cyro grabs his opponent's neck, freezing him, hits the opponent on the rib cage, shattering it, and then with headbutt, brakes his jaw.


Death is Cold — Cyro creates a sword of ice, and dashes towards the opponent, cutting him in half.

Homerun - Cyro freezes the opponent, rips one of his arms, and hits the opponent's head with it, decapitating him.


Cyro turns into a Polar Bear, and punches his opponent's head, decapitating him.


Cyro creates an ice sculpture of his opponent, and bows.


The Sub-Zero Cyro fought was in fact the Older Sub-Zeo, and when Cyro confronted the younger one, he knew nothing about Cyro, and was impressed by Cyro's control over ice, but Cyro misread that, and thought he was only mocking him, something that made him grew more, and more angry.