"Your shoeanatormabober can never shoeantormaboberate me captin butt face!" - clockwork fighting his cousin Captin Demented                                                                                                 



BIO Edit

Age: TV show 17, comic 1 0, comic 2-200 16, comic 201-400 18, comic 401-900 23, game 1 21, game 2 22, game 3 23, game 4 24, game 5 25 and so on

speices: micro ink mouse

home: castle

home town: main town

home planet: main land

home sector: 5xcdf45tttyvcs899)()()()())))((((

home universe: jilawoodorda

[[[STILL REMEMBERING BECAUSE I MADE HIM UP MOUNTHS AGE AND FORGOT --Bunny1002 (talk) 22:55, December 31, 2014 (UTC)]]] Edit

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