Race Robot
Gender Male
Date of birth July 4, 2015
Occupation Protector of the Max family
Dislikes Zombies
Family Mason Max (Creator)
Creator ExtremeSSJ4

Borot is a character from the 1st book of the series Fallen.



Borot was created by Mason Max; a genious and a good man. Borot was made to help Mason's family like cleaning the house, taking care of the kids and as a friend. That was Borot's original program but it was later changed because of the zombie infection. His new program was protecting Mason's children and killing zombies.

Dark Times:Edit

During the zombie infection, Borot was able to help Mason's family escape California. They all moved to Canada for a short time then they left again because of the infection.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Speed- Borot can run as fast a sports car. It can go at a speed of 190 MPH.

Rockets- Borot has two fire rockets in each leg.

Weapons- Borot has two missiles in his fist and two machine guns inside his legs. He also has a RPG in his arm and 4 pistols in his other arm.

Ammo- All of Borot's weapons ammo is inside his chest and back.

Laser Beams- His eyes shoot lasers.

Bomb- Borot may self-destruct if Mason requests to or if Borot need to. The only person to be able to deactivate Borot's boomb is Mason's family.

Memory Card- Borot records everything when he is awake and stores it in his memory card. His memory card also has a GPS and internet.

Vision- Borot also has infrared vision, night vision and negative vision.

Martial Arts- Borot knows all types of Martial Arts that is in the internet.