• Soul eater111

    Prologue: My Desires

    The night was young; it has been a few hours since the sun has set, the full moon bathed in blood was hanging in the air giving off dim light in the dark abandoned city. The city itself seemed long forgotten, there were abandoned cars filling the streets, some of the cars looked crushed, while others seem to have been torn apart. There is trash covering the sidewalk, the sidewalk and the billboard signs are scattered around torn to bits of pieces. The buildings surrounding the area are in disrepair, crumbling apart slowly. It is hard to believe that this city was full of life, now it is a ghost town. There were no signs of life in the city, no humans, no cats, no dogs, and no nothing.

    Somewhere deep into the city there …

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  • ExtremeSSJ4

    Hello there, I am ExtremeSSJ4 also known as Ex and well I wanted to let you guys know of this cool website I made a few days ago and I would really appreciate it if you decided to join. The main idea of this wiki is basically to make your own superhero/supervillain and RP with him. Superheroes and Supervillains start in a Safe house for whichever category they're in (Hero or Villain) and train, talk and simply have fun with the characters of other users. Once you got enough stars from RP you will unlock the city and then you can RP there and do really cool stuff. See the link below:


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  • Soul eater111

    An New Start!

    July 13, 2012 by Soul eater111

    Well just want to get things started, I'm in the process of updating the wiki, hoping that this may give all of our members hope. I want to bring this wiki back to life, so basically i am asking for everyone's help. Ideas, Suggestions, or anything will help us out greatly. But in the meantime I also want you to put your heart into your stories and ideas. I am sure we can bring this wiki to life. So if you want to help message me or your fellow members now!

    τρώγων_ψυχή 111 01:47, July 13, 2012 (UTC)

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  • ExtremeSSJ4

    Superhero Nation

    March 11, 2012 by ExtremeSSJ4

    Okay, so recently I created a wiki with a few users from other wikis known as Superhero Nation. The wiki is basically about any superhero you fanfiction allowed or anything related to DC Universe or Marvel Universe characters or stories. The wiki is about your own superhero and its own story, like our own you should go and check it out!

    Ps, you can only create two superheroes and villains 2 hero character pages and 2 villain ones, we are getting everything prepared so just 4 character pages for now.


    - Yes I am Young but that doesn't mean I can't make Justice 10:02, March 11, 2012 (UTC)

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  • TitaniumBardock

    Status Blog

    July 10, 2011 by TitaniumBardock

    We had this idea over at the FAD. So I should minus well bring it over here too. If you're gonna be gone for a while, or just want to take a break for a day, post it up on here. That way it will always be here. Post it in the comment section by the way. Your Mistake is my Job Intake 11:07, July 10, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Xero toxin32


    June 24, 2011 by Xero toxin32

    Please note, that I do not intend this to be spam, and if it is, I am very sorry, and I do hope you forgive me in the nearby future.

    We are only trying to help out, by growing the wiki, we are a small wiki, and we only wish to become a large, semi-popular wiki. We have great people as the staff, and many creative ideas.

    Fan Gma Wiki

    It's a wiki site, where you can post up any characters you wish, and stories, etc... from any game, to manga, to anime.

    If you don't want to check us out, it is fine with us, but all I ask is if you would check us out.

    Again, I don't intend this to be spam, and if it is, I am terribly sorry once again.

    Thank you all for reading, and hope we can chat sometime later ^^.

    ディジーエンジェル 16:51, June 24, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Kuro Selas

    • Profile for:
    • Gender:
    • Race:
    • Age:
    • Birthdate:
    • Astrological Sign:
    • Chinese Zodiac Sign:
    • Blood Type:
    • Height:
    • Measurements:
    • Beliefs/Religion:
    • Hobby: (Twist):

    • family background
    • birth place
    • history, background
    • home
    • possesions, make-up, jewelry, etc.
    • pets

    • hair style
    • eyes
    • body
    • physical condition
    • marks,scar,tattoo
    • clothing

    • likes
    • dislikes
    • fears
    • goals
    • hobbies
    • occupation
    • favorite food
    • least favorite food
    • most prized possesion (important or emotional value)
    • vernacular (way of speaking)
    • psychological condition
    • character behaviour
    • aptitude
    • social and other pressure, problems
    • relationships (with who and what kind)
    • beliefs, superstition, moral value
    • positive characteristics
    • negatives characteristics
    • personality
    • other

    • physical
    • magical
    • other
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  • TitaniumBardock

    When you guys have the chance, you're always welcome to the DBF Chat, The FAD Chat, and, of course, The GMA Chat. Please, stop by those rooms when your free. Whenever I am on the DBF, or FAD Chats, I will also be on the GMA one. So if you wanna talk I'm there. Of course I'll be editing on here too. I just created the Metal Arms: Glitch in the System page anyway, so, can't just leave it hangin'. Hehehe...

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  • ExtremeSSJ4

    Hello everybody, I am currently made a wiki called Fanon and Data Wiki, its still under construction but I would appreciate if you would check it out.

    Here are a few things that it has and is going to have:

    • Free Comics
    • Fan Fictions
    • Video Game Info
    • It can be of anything
    • Characters
    • Reviews
    • Dragon Ball
    • Marvel
    • Pokemon
    • Bleach and more
    • Video Games Info
    • News

    And more so see the page and tell me what you think.

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  • TitaniumBardock

    Just thought I'd bring that up...

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  • ExtremeSSJ4

    Fan GMAC Chat

    April 25, 2011 by ExtremeSSJ4

    Hello everyone I had made a chat for the community you can find it here

    And I also want to ask an admin if they can put the Fan GMAC Chat Link in the main page, thanks!

    Any questions?

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  • ExtremeSSJ4

    The Extreme Reviews

    April 21, 2011 by ExtremeSSJ4

    This is my opinions about stories, characters, video games etc. created in this wiki so please try to respect them. I may have some questions too so please answer them for me (if you can).

    A- Perfect

    B- Good

    C- Ok

    D- Bad

    F- Terrible


    Dragon Ball Z: Vengeance

    Dragon Sword

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  • Kuro Selas

    Renaming the wiki

    March 29, 2011 by Kuro Selas

    Do you have any suggestions for renaming the wiki?

    The name is way to long ... =/

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  • TitaniumBardock

    Does anyone know what a "Gary-Stu" is? I see it all the time in the Dragon Ball Fanon. I know it is a bad thing, but, I never knew what it really meant.

    I am really glad I joined this wiki. It's a place where I can put my characters, and have them be respected. I really hope this wiki goes far. I know I'll be helping out along the way.

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  • ShinigamiSasori

    We had walked for miles, though the men behind me had not complained once. I hadn't known that Edenian warriors were so well-trained. Jade I had not expected, as she did command those men, but I had expected at least one to groan or whine. I really shouldn't underestimate my... allies so much. Jade turned to me.

    "Ok, we've been walking long enough. Sekachi, help us set up camp, ok?" Work started immediately and ended in at least ten minutes, again shocking me at the Edenian warriors' endurance. They immediately settled down, joking about and ribbing one another. I noted that not one of them approached Jade, nor decided to joke about her. I didn't really blame them. She could be rather... intimidating sometimes. I decided to join in the mens…

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  • Kuro Selas


    February 27, 2011 by Kuro Selas

    Hello Fanon GMAC users/editors this list of tasks represents tasks that the wiki needs to improve so any help with them will be apreciated.

    1. Logo creation
    2. Articles improvement (game articles should be well written and completed with images of the game)
    3. Don't let the images overwhelm a page, if there is many images to the same page move them to a gallery please.
    4. Templates - the wiki is in need of Templates since it is a new wiki it has only a few simple templates
    5. Categories - in order to a better view of the wiki categories are something to be created (just don't go crazy and create categories for everything and nothing lol)
    6. Try not to post the same image twice - before posting make sure your image is not already on the wiki
    7. Voting pools - as soon …
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