This Fan Fiction, Barrel Man, is property of Somarinoa.

Barrel Man
Barrel Man
General Information
Species Robot Master
Inspiration Bell Pepper
Gender Male-Programming
Location Destructive Distillery
Occupation Peppa Number
Affiliation Dr. Kojiro Peppa
Relations Peppa Numbers (siblings)
Scovillains (cousins)
Weapon Information
Weapon Element Bomb
Signature Weapon Power Keg
Game Information
Appearances Mega Man K4
Hit Points 40
Other Information
Status Online
Decommissioned by 21XX
Creator Somarinoa
Defeating you should be like, how you say? A monkey crate or shooting at fish, no?

–Barrel Man

Dr. Kojiro's 35th robot master, Barrel Man was based on the theme of barrels. While he has a poor grasp on the proper use of the English language, Barrel Man is a regular jack of all trades when it comes to combat, and is stuffed "to the gills" with numerous different types of objects that he can fire from his triple barrel blasters at his discretion. These objects include small robotic monkey and fish mechaniloids, terrible-tasting swill to sweep his foe off their feet towards the opposing wall, cannonballs, and his signature weapon, the Power Keg. He is even capable of firing off his head to roll around the arena while the body continues to attack or collapse his entire body into several barrels to come crashing down upon his foe!

Barrel Man Rough Draft

Original rough draft sketch of Barrel Man.

His weapon, the Power Keg, puts a keg in the hand of its user, which can then be thrown to detonate some distance away. The blast is pretty powerful, and can even injure its user (though Barrel Man himself is immune to its effects).

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