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Pitter, patter, you'll hear footsteps behind you... Someone is constantly shadowing you. Someone is always behind you, looking at you. Eventually, the footsteps will be a little offbeat from yours, and you'll hear one extra. And then, when you turn off the light, and climb into your futon, it will look down at you from the base of your pillow. Silently, patiently waiting until you've accepted your sins.

–Ryuugi Rena in the "First love" episode, in the Meakashi Chapter

I don't know what to name it

Note From the Author

Greetings! Welcome to Amnesia: The Dark Descent: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Edition. This Fanon Story, is a mergence between the psycological horror anime, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (When the Cicedas Cry), and the psycological horror game, Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I have tried both, watched the anime, and have seen a complete walkthrough of the game. I know how both go, and I'll try my best to do everything as close, and tight as possible. Also, to aid in emphasis, use the music, and sounds found in the Music, and Sounds Section, and be sure to read the dotted statements to help guide you to the right audio/video. The main/opening theme is also in that section. I do hope you enjoy this. Thank you for your time. Your Mistake is my Job Intake 11:20, July 10, 2011 (UTC)


As said, this is a mergence between Amnesia: Darkness Descent, and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. The story takes place in a similar situation to Amnesia', but the characters are replaced by the ones from Higurashi'. The story itself has been changed a little to fit within means of Higurashi' also, meaning no Orb like in the regular Amnesia'.

It first takes place in the Sonozaki Family Castle. What used to be lively, and taken care of, is now abandoned, hollowed, and structurally unsound. A few holes scattered along the ceilings, cracks along the walls, and small pebbles with stone powder occasionally fall from the wall. Maebara Keiichi lies on the ground barely awake, and can't remember a thing before he awoke.

Characters Involved

The characters involved are moreover the main ones from Higurashi'.

Maebara Keiichi- Controlled by player. Main protagonist.

Sonozaki Mion, and Shion- ?

Furude Hanyu (Oyashiro-sama), and Rika- ?

Ryuugi Rena- ?

Hojo Satoko- Patroler

Irie Kyosuke- Side Character. Friendly.

Oishi Kuraudo- Side Character. Friendly.

Tomitake Jirou- Side Character. Friendly.

Takano Miyo- Main Antogonist.

*Note- The only Side Character you interact with is Tomitake Jirou. Oishi, and Irie, are only heard via Keiichi remembering things.

*Note- The last names are first. So Ryuugi Rena would actually be Rena Ryuugi.

Chapter 1: Beginning of the Descent into Madness

Sonozaki Castle, 6:00 pm. Town of Higurashi, 1983.

(Keiichi remembers talking to himself, while he speaks, the words echo right after they are said)

Keiichi- "I... I have to remember ... Some things can not be forgotten... They're hunting me... I have to hurry..."

"My name is Keiichi... I reside in... in... in Hinamizawa..."

"What have I done?... This is madness... Must not forget... I mustn't forget... I have to stop her... Focus!"

"My name is... is... Maebara Keiichi."

In his memory, a glass falls, and breaks, as he stumbles, gliding his hand across a table, knocking over a few books. He then falls over...

He later wakes up, vision dazed, and blurred upon awakening. He finds himself in one of the halls of the Sonozaki Castle. Rain water drips from the high celing, as thunder, and lightning burst, and flash through the large windows. He slowly blinks his eyes, and sluggishly gets up. He takes a look around, and finds a few cherry blossom pedals on the floor. He notices one side of the hall has been blocked by a pile of large stones. He slowly walks over, due to having a headache, and investigates.

For some reason, probably due to old age, the ceiling caved, and created this wall. He searched a small room, and found a box of matches. He picked it up, because he knew the old castle did not have any electricity. He went back to where he previously laid, and searched the other end of the hallway. He continued to the right, still walking slowly. He got to two large double doors. He attempted to open one, but when he touched it, a sudden shaking, and eerie sound, and wind occured. Keiichi slammed himself against a wall, and widened his eyes, in fear of what could, and what might happen. He then recovered, and decided maybe he should take another route.

Keiichi walked through a second, smaller hall. Noticing an armoire, he opened it out of curiosity. As soon as he did, a lighter version of the shaking, and the same eerie sound that happened when he touched the double doors, occured again, and the door to the right swung open, making a creeking sound upon opening. He hid himself again in the armoire, and closed it. Peeked through, and saw nothing. he began to wonder to himself...

Keiichi- "What is going on here?... Where is eveyone?... Does everything I touch have some sort of consequence?..."

With his curiousity, he searched the room that belonged to the creepy door. He paced slowly, and gently through the smaller hall, and eventually made it to the room, a moment after walking through the door. He looked around, and noticed a still burning fireplace, and a table with a bottle of liquor, and a book on top. He saw nothing of importance in the room, so he took a deep breath, and walked back into the hallway, and continued onward.

He climbed a flight of stairs, and reached the top. He looked on the ground, and saw the same cherry blossom pedals again. He looked forward, and behind, noticing there was actually a trail. He continued, following the trail. While walking, the corridor darkened, but not completely, then more eeries sounds echoed through, and a voiced whispered a breathing, "Ooooaaaahhhh", type of sound. Keiichi silently freaked, and stood still, eyes widened, pupils shrank, heart pounding, body shivering from cold, and fear. After this event passed, the corridor lightened slightly, and Keiichi forced his legs to move.

He pressed onward, and entered a larger room. Walking slowly, another door creeked open, and he hid behind a fallen desk. After a few moments, he deemed it safe, and went forward. There were two doors. He searched the closer one, which was already open before he got there. he entered, and discovered the room was completely dark. Having no fear of the darkness, he walked forward. Suddenly, a faint figure appeared, but only for a short moment. Keiichi freaked once more, and hid behind a pillar. What he thought he saw was a young girl in a shrine maiden's outfit. Out of fear-induced curiosity, he peeked, and saw only a statue of a Samurai's armor. He recovered, and walked out of the room. He decided to check the other too.

He followed his command, and entered the second. It seemed a lot nicer than the other one. Well lit, a red rug on the floor, a few banners. He walked towards the middle of the room, and suddenly, once again, an eerie wind whisped through the air, and the room suddenly turned very, very dark, and it also turned extremely cold. Keiichi scared, ran out of the room, and closed the door speedily. He smacked his back against the door, with his arms raised, and against it also. He looked around the room, and found an exit to his forward-right. He walked a little fast through it, trying to get away from that room.

Continueing on, and regaining composure, he walk down a flight of stairs, following the cherry blossom pedals. At the bottom, he found a few pillars on the floor, laid to rubble. Wary of this, he moved on again. He found an old iron door, and a sign on it that said, "Old Archives". He entered through.

(on the screen, a message shows)

"He fell to the kitchen floor. His eyes welled up with tears, as he received a kick to the stomach. Satoko remained hidden, in fear she would also be punished."

Keiichi arrived to the Old Archives as the door he walked through claimed it led too. The walls were now dustier, and full of cobwebs, with few torches lit. He walked onward, and turned right. A few steps forward, again, the eerie wind blew throughout, shaking occured, a door opened, and all the torches were blown out. Due to his last encounter with darkness, his fear of it grew stronger, and stronger, every second he dwelled in it, so he opted himself to light up a match, and light one of the torches. Even though he seemed calm, his heart was pounding, and was slowly losing his sanity...

Chapter 2: The Light that Guides must be Held

(picking up where Chapter 1 left off)

He walked towards the open door, and peered in. He saw a wide, but short staircase, and a few bookshelves beside the walls, half-filled with old, dusty books. A small puddle laid in the middle of this room, with water dripping from the broken ceiling above, including some daylight. Since everything was out in the open, and since nothing struck his eyes, he ignored the room, and continued onward.

The halls were beginning to darken. To a point where Keiichi started to panic slightly. He quickly walked down the hall, and entered another room. With a window with some light, he calmed down. He took a look around. Looked like some sort of Study to him. All of a sudden, a whirlwind appeared in the room. Picking up pieces of paper, books, and other lightweight materials. This bugged him too well. The whirlwind stopped, a shine caught his eye, and looked to where the shine came from. There laid on the ground, a lantern with some oil in it. He stood before it, and kneeled down, and picked it up. He saw this as a great miracle, for it would soon be nightime, and nearly nothing would be visible.

He lit up a match, and lit up the lantern with it. He grinned for a moment, exited through the other door, and then another. He came into another room. It had two windows on the wall, a few bookshelves, and a slowly swinging chandelier. He continued on through the next door, creeking as he opened it. Using his newly acquired lantern, he navigated through the small hallway, and entered another private Study. More well lit, he put his lantern away to conserve oil. He looked around, and discovered a note lying on the desk. It read...

Keiichi's Note To Self

19th of September, 1986

"I wish I could ask you how much you can remember, I don't know if there wil be anything left after I drink this beverage.

Don't be afraid Keiichi. I can't tell you why, but know this, I choose to forget. Try to find comfort, and fortitude in that fact. There is a purpose. You are my final hope to put things right.

God willing, the name Takano Miyo still boils the anger in your blood. If not, this will not sound pleasant.

Go to the Inner Sanctum, find Miyo, and kill her. She can only manipulate, not fight, while you can, she can be no match for you.

One last thing. There is a shadow hunting you. It's a living nightmare, destroying reality.

I have tried everything to stop it, and there is no way to fight back. You need to outrun it, as speedily as you can.

Redeem us both Keiichi. Descend into the darkness where Miyo awaits, and kill her."

Your past self,

Maebara Keiichi

(end note)

Keiichi started to remember slowly. Takano Miyo was a young, beautiful woman, who worked for Doctor Irie at his clinic. Her looks seemed droopy, and her voice seemed laid back, but sometimes condescending. She had a master's way with words. He now knew what he had to do, he picked up the oil left on the desk, and pulled a lever on the left wall. The bookcase to the right moved, and a passage way opened. He walked through. He came to a red door that claimed it led to the Entrance Hall, and so he opened, and went through.

(a message pops up on the screen)

"A fragrant taste of sake lingered in his mouth. Japanese Delights, he thought, just like the ones at the stores in Tokyo."

(back to game)

Keiichi entered the Entrance Hall section of the old castle. He ascended a small flight of stairs, and came into a large room with a very tall ceiling. Laid on the floor were broken pillars, and other rubble. Amazingly, the cherry blossom pedals still were there in a path formation. Keiichi wondered, and walked forward. He took a look of his surroundings. There was a staircase at the far end leading up to the second floor. Another one at the other end leading downward to who know's where. Another to his forward right, leading down to somewhere, and to his forward left, there was a giant door leading to a hallway, which has a set of giant red doors at the other end. Where should he go first?

Before he made a decision, he remembered something...

Keiichi- "Miss Takano, is it inside the castle?"

Miyo- "In a manner of speaking. Yes."

Mion- "Come, bring the lamp. You've been to the refinery, have you not?"

Keiichi- "I don't believe I have. Is it connected to the... eh... What do you call it?"

Mion- "The Inner Sanctum, Higurashi's most precious chamber, Keiichi. It lies well beyond the refinery. In fact... it lies beneath the very ground of the shrine."

(memory ends)

He took the left route, and walked down the hall. He tried to investigate a chest, but could not open it. The, using some force, he opened it, and found more matches, and oil. He took both, and continued down the hall. He took a look at a few books, and saw a few cicedas on the shelf, and a moment later, on the floor, and walls. They "cried" softly, and Keiichi walked up to the double doors. As soon as he touched it, complete darkness envoloped the doors. He tried to feel them. He felt something, but it was immensely cold, and flinched his arm back out of sharp pain. The cicedas "cried" to a deafening volume. He thought to himself...

Keiichi- "Is this some kind of warning to me?... What should I do?... Can't concentrate from the cicedas "crying"... Is that it?... Are they "crying" for me?... Do they know something I don't?... Well, I know I can't go that way... Guess I'll have to turn around, and walk back."

Keiichi walked back to the large room, and turned left to the staircase leading downward. He reached the end, and there was a right path, and a left path. The left went further downward, and the right went immediately to a door. He went for the door, and it read, "Laboratory". He hesitated for a moment, and continued onward.

(message pops up on screen)

"The door slammed shut behind him, and he knew he would never see the old grocery man at Shirou Square. Another lone soul in Tokyo... Seemed fitting some how."

(back to game)

Keiichi entered the Laboratory. It was very, very dark. Only one window gave light in the distance, but it had no meaning. He held up his lantern to light his way. He navigated down two flights of wooden stairs, and arrived to the bottom. He saw a door to his left, so he took it, and led him to a small laboratory. He light up one of the wall torched with a match, and looked around. There was an iron gate, and an opening on the floor. He stood above it, and suddenly, a splash in the water below occured twice. He didn't see anything fall, nor did he throw anything. So what gives? What is this anomaly? He turned away, and remember another memory...

A Person's Voice- "Hmm... There should be more Cuprite... Let's see, let's see... Ahh, and one more Aqua Fortis...'"

(memory ends)

Keiichi picks up an old Chemistry Pot, and takes a look at the note that was left...

Early Alchemy Experiment

"This is my third attempt to produce artificial vitae. The former compounds lacked the potency in need, but, I do sense I am close. Calamine, and Orpiment, are a given, and the Cuprite binds them well. This time, I will attempt Aqua Regia, instead of Aqua Fortis in hopes it will create a more even solution.

The experiment was unsuccesful. The solution is highly acidic, and proves impractical for any use, besides a detergent. Organic tissue reacts rather violently to the solution, and should be handled with the greatest care. I may be able to put this recipe to use, but I am losing hope that I will find an alchemic solution to my current predicament."

(end note)

Keiichi was confuzzled by this. What was the predicament? What was the person making? He continued to search the room, in means of possibly finding an answer. At the other side of the room, he found another note. It read...

Chemical Relocation

"The lack of a chimney to properly vent the fumes from my most recent experiments has taken a toll on my most less stable ingredients in storage. Some may seem unphased, but many have been tainted, and may be difficult to recover. I shall do what I can do move them to the sake cellar."

Keiichi partly understood what he had to do. There were 4 glasses in front of him on a table, which were on top of burners, and connected to a pipe, with 4 wheels on it. He knew he had to find the 4 ingredients, pour them into the glasses, activate the burners, and collect the acidic solution in the Chemistry Pot. Albeit, he didn't know where the Wine Cellar is, nor what to do with the solution. He exited the laboratory in search of this Sake Cellar. He arrived at the door that came from the Entrance Hall, and opened it.

(message appears)

"Traveling to Amiyo, meant going through Gandirou. He made sure to pay a visit to avoid sensing the guilt connected with neglect of family."

(back to game)

He arrived back into the Entrance Hall. He walked forward a little, and heard a girl crying, and talking. He had no clue what it was, and was startled. Was it in his head? Was it real? Either way, he didn't want to find out. He continued forward down a flight of stairs, and entered the Sake Cellar. It was rather easy to find it. He entered through the door. Wait, it was locked. It wouldn't budge either. He had to find a way in. He went into the large room, and searched around. He wandered around, and found that flight of stairs that led to down to another door. He opened it, and saw a larger wooden door. He looked at the knob, and it was completely dark. It should have been shiny, or maybe a little rusty, because he knew that all doors would usually have steel knobs. he touched it, and felt the sharp, cold pain again. He knew he would have to find another way. Then it struck him, could he use the acid described in that scientists journal to melt this darkness away?

He walked back up the stairs again, and reached the top. He took the only route he knew he haven't took yet. The one flight of stairs that led up to the second floor. He climbed it, and went to the other side of the room...

Chapter 3: The Shadow Begins the Physical Hunt

(picking up were Chapter 2 left off)

Walking down the path, he encountered another red door. It said "Archives". He figured there may be something in there, so he entered...

(message on screen pops up)

"His friends cheered him on. His name voiced in a steasily rising pace, urging him to do it. He thought to himself, "Am I really doing this?", and struck his victim with a rock."

(back to game)

Keiichi entered the Archives. This place was more luxurious than the other rooms he had previously been in, and hopefully not haunted like the others too. There two doors on each side of the hallway, and the hall was lit with a lamp hanging from the ceiling, yet, it was still pretty dark at the end. For some reason the doorway on the right had no door, until he hit a piece of wood with his right foot. He looked down, and noticed this thick door was completely unhinged, and knocked down. Startled by this fact, he tread carefully. He entered the room that the fallen door belonged to, and investigated it.

There was a large table in the middle, with 4 chairs. A few bookcases against the wall, and a poorly boarded-up hole in the ceiling. The light shined through the hole, giving the room enough luminescence to search without creating any oil-based light. He looked at the table, and noticed another note. He read it, and it said...

Keiichi's Journal - Higurashi [1/3]

16th of August, 1985

"The deafening ciceda's "cry" continued to annoy our tour, making it impossible to concentrate until they stop. How Rena was able to navigate, and remember puzzled me. When I asked her about the Furude Shrine, she told me about Oyashiro, the shrine god of Higurashi. An interesting story in it's own right, but I can't help but feel that there is more to it.

Later that day, we came to the path that led to the Furude Shrine. Rena was happy when we walked up the tall flight of small stairs. Shion, Mion, Satoko, Rika, and Rena wanted us to all go together. I don't know why though. We wandered forward into the cold, dark night.

Moments later, we arrived to the ancient structure, looking forward to reach the special building. No matter what Rika was keeping from me, I was looking forward to the contents of it. It would be an interesting thing to remember in the future."

(end note)

After reading it, he explored the room some more. He searched a cabinet, and found nothing. Same with the shelves. He exited back into the hall, starting to confirm the memory that he wrote in that note. He went into the next room across the hall. The door across the room was locked, so he didn't bother trying to enter it. So he walked down the hallway through the very dark section, and entered a large, long room, with large windows, rugs, paintings, and bookshelves. He wandered around it. In the first door to the left, there was a long, and dark corridor. He decided to check that last. He continued forward to the other end.

All of a sudden, his vision blurred for a slight moment, and he could hear a girl's voice in a very, very eerie sounding way. Keiichi halted right where he was, eyes widened, heart pounding, breathing heavily, wondering what in hell that was. He looked around for any indication of anything, and saw nothing. He salvaged his strength, and peered throught far door to the left. It was a room, with even more bookcases, and shelves. He walked further, and discovered a piano. He took a look at it, and saw the keys were in the wrong order. He thought it was strange, but the occurences he has been dealing with are by far more strange, to the point of horrifying.

He investigated a few cabinets, and saw nothing much, but maps, which were of no use to him. Continuing, he found another doorway with it's door on the floor, and saw the sign to the left that said, "Maps", and entered. Took a look around. The place was a mess. Another cave in he had discovered, and another poorly boarded-up hole in the ceiling. He found a table, and yet another note. He read it, and it said...

Keiichi's Journal - Higurashi [2/3]

16th of August, 1985

"My hands tremble as I write. I feel a need to write down the event, for I fear my memory will fail if I linger.

Today, my new friends, and I ventured into the ancient building we walked up to. Our lanterns burned faintly, in the foggy air, as we slowly made our way. My friends were superstitous, and fearful, yet calm in a way. They talked amongst themselves, and their conversations intrigued me. I gathered the strength to ask them what was it about. They told me.

As the building grew darker with every step, so did the conversations. After a few winding halls, we entered a large room filled with artifacts. Although, these weren't just any artifacts, they were old torture instruments used way back then. Gruesome looking, and had to be horrifying beyond belief to experience. I walked through a doorway into another room, and a few things collapsed, trapping me in the room until they could find a way get me out.'"

(end note)

Keiichi was interested in finding out more about what happened to him. He left the room, and noticed a missing brick in the wall to his left. He took a peek through, and suddenly, a peice of ceiling collapsed on the other side of the wall. He decided he wanted nothing to do with it, and walked back. Turned out that the ceiling blocked him from leaving there too. It seems as though he was trapped again. He held up his lantern to view the darker part of the room. He saw another room, and entered it. It also had a lot of maps. He walked inbetween to shelfs, and remembered something...

Mion- "Much of the castle is old, and hasn't been tended properly 'to' for centuries. When the Shadow arrives, it shouldn't take long before things start falling apart."

Keiichi- "We are just buying time anyway. Let's do what we can for now."

Mion- "There isn't much to be done about the wards. We must reinforce the weaker spots. The ground will tremble, and there is a high risk that everything will cave in on us, especially the downstairs.

Here... Here... and there. I'll get the servants working on it."

(memory ends)

All this information is starting to make Keiichi grow a small headache. He walks slowly out of the room. He concured that this "Shadow" is what was making this castle so creepy. He realized again that he was stuck, and needed to find a way out. He looked over again at the whole in the wall. The wall structure surrounding seemed feeble. He wondered if he could break it. He quickly stepped up to it, and bashed it, causing it to break, and create a pathway. Problem solved, but new ones will soon emerge.

He walked through the small tunnel, dust clearing, and him trying not to cough from it. The dust cleared, and walked forward once again. He came into a small library, and thought, "Great, more books.", he then remembered another memory...

Mion- "You have to be swift. When you activate the first one... You hear that? If it stops, you have to start over."

Miyo- "Isn't all this a bit... Excessive?"

Mion- "You can never be too careful, Miss Miyo."

(memory ends)

He remembered that he had to pull two special books to open a special door. It was fortunate that he did. He quickly found them, and the door opened. It was not a door actually, but a moving bookshelf. He walked through into a private study room. There was a desk, chair, a window with some light, a few burning candles for extra light, and a shiny key on the desk. He picked it up, and it read, "Sake Cellar", on it. Success for only a moment. Suddenly another paranormal occurenced went on. A slight shaking, and all the candle lights were blown out. He quickly exited the room, and walked through the door to the forward left.

He walked through the corridor, and saw a door to his left, and entered. It was another study room. To the right sat the desk. When he approached it, his vision blurred again, and an eerie hollow sound occured again. He left the room. Things were getting greatly creepier. Every meter walked meant things would get worse. Ths was torture to him. Was something going to happen to him? Was he really alone? He exited the room, and saw another door. The sign read "Study", but the door wouldn't budge. He opted to ignore it for now. He walked through the right corridor. He was just about to walk through, until he heard a girl giggling. It wasn't in his head, it was heard crystal clear. He peered to his right, and there was a girl there. She had blonde hair, a green shirt, and skirt, a purple headband, and black shoes, and was walking away from Keiichi.

Keiichi recognized her, her name was Satoko, and she was his friend before all this happened. What was she doing here? He took a gasp to say hello, then noticed she had a bloody bat in her hand, dragging it as she walked. He was frightened, and hid as soon as she turned around. He peered, yet staying out of sight. He saw her face, and it was gruesomely terrifying. Her pupils were slit, and had an evil grin. When he looked in her eyes, his headache grew rapidly, and a screeching noise filled his head. He checked to see if she was still there, and she wasn't. Relieved, and yet more troubled than before. She may be gone, but where did she go? She can appear at any second knowing the amount of haunting this place has. He opted to quickly go back to the private study, and tried to figure out a plan...

Chapter 4: Sake, Blood, and Darkness

(picking up where Chapter 3 left off)

Keiichi returned to the private study. He was shocked to see Satoko like this. What on earth happened? What made her this way? So many questions similar the the ones just said raced through his head, but the general one is, what happened? He couldn't think straight. He couldn't devise any plan, he'd have to make it on the go. Although, one objective came to mind... Avoid Satoko as much as possible. He began to slowly make his way back to where he found Satoko. Is that a bad idea? Consider that it is his only path to take.

Walking down the dark hall, so dark, he could barely see a thing, he took the first left. He came into a larger room, similar to the one where he found Satoko. He peered left, and right out of the doorway, and saw nothing. Just as he took a step out again, he heard Satoko's bat dragging along the ground, and her girly, yet psychoatic laugh. Hearing this, he quickly made his way to the right, and turned right again into another doorway. Again, and extremely weirdly, as soon as he stepped through the doorway, he heard an eerie woman's voice. It was some sort of disfigured cry, as if the woman was moaning through a tube. Keiichi didn't want to take this any longer. He wanted to go home, and forget all of this. Keiichi was scared crapless. This wasn't "this worldly", it was something much darker. It was paranormal, unmistakenably paranormal, and if it wasn't, he concluded he was beyond insane, that his mind was dead, and his soul went straight to hell.

He treaded warily through the dark corridor. He arrived back where he entered this part of the castle, the part where he discovered the broken door, with 4 chairs, and a table in the middle of the room. He heard her terrifying girlish laugh again. Knowing that the door in front of him led to the Entrence Hall, he hustled, and opened it.

(message appears on screen)

"The ciceda's cry was like a siren in the distance. As we walked onward, their cry became louder, and louder."

(back to game)

Keiichi entered the Entrence Hall once again. As soon as he entered completely, something horrorific occured. His vision blurred, he bagan to breathe deepily. The darkness began to grow, and settled in large bloches on the ceiling, walls, and floor. He took ot his lantern, and the light did not reflect on the areas where the darkness was. This was no ordinary darkness. It was something evil, far more than what natural light can banish away. The castle grew more paranormal every step Keiichi made. Re-arising the question asked in the beginning, "Does every step I take have a consequence?".

He weaved his way through the openings between the holes of darkness, trying to avoid their blistering cold surfaces. After that, he walked normally back downstairs. He made his way back down to where he discovered the locked door to the Sake Cellar. He took out the key he found, put it in the keyhole, twisted it, opened the door, and walked through.

(message appears on screen)

"A palmful of sand settled on his head, falling from the ceiling above. He held up his lantern, and braced himself for what may lie ahead in these dark halls."

(back to game)

Keiichi has entered the Sake Cellar, searching for the 4 missing ingredients. Walking on old, creeking wood planks as a walkway, he made his way down the flight of stairs. He heard an extra step. Not knowing what this was, he listen carefully, while slowly descending the stairs. After a moment, he confirmed it. There was definitely somebody else here. It couldn't have been Satoko, she was back to where he met her before. He continued, and got to the bottom of the stairs. As he did, he remembered something.

Oishi- "Where did the heir go?

Irie- "I don't know exactly, but there's enough sake here to last us quite a while, or at least until tomorrow! Hehehehe..."

(end memory)

Keiichi treaded throughout the Sake Cellar, with his lantern held up, because it was barely visible without it. He discovered a door to the forward left, he entered a hall. He went to his right, and lit a wall torch with the matches he found before. He heard the footsteps again, and they were right above him. The physical proof was the dust from the old wood planks falling on his head. He went to the other end of the hall left of where he entered.

Holding his lantern up, he investigated the shelves, and found some medicine. He heard footsteps, and girly giggling behind him. There she was again, Satoko was walking through the door he came into the hall with. He quickly hid his lantern, and camped in the dark corner. He saw the same crazy look in her eyes, and she still had the bloodied bat in her hand being dragged. She walked in the opposite direction, giving Keiichi some relief. Although, his heart was still pounding, his breathing was still heavy, and eyes widened. How long could he hide? How long could he survive? How long before he goes insane?

He didn't want to go there, because he didn't want to encounter Satoko, but he knew this was his only option. After recooperating, he began to tread lightly, and slowly through the dark hall. He heard a deep laugh in the background. It wasn't a girly one, more like a jolly fat man's laugh. It echoed throughout the corridor, and his mind. Keiichi continued along the wall, and peered out in caution behind a wall whenever he could. Upon searching for the ingredients, while avoiding Satoko, he heard someone speak. The male said, "So cold... So cold...". After that, he found Opriment, one of the ingredients needed, sitting on a shelf beside some sake.

He found another doorway, and exited the hall he was in. Now back in the main room, he searched for another door. He did so, and entered. It was a fairly decent sized room. There was a lot of barrels, and a workbench with tools on it in front of him. He approached it, and lit the candle with his match. He discovered the second missing ingredient, Cuprite, which lied on the workbench, and collected it. A deep, monster like sound occured. This caused Keiichi to tremble, and his vision distorted for a moment. Probably due to his dented sanity...

He left the room, and searched for another. He soon came to a door to his left again, and entered. The door was already half opened. Keiichi wondered why, and this made him wary. He continued through the door, lit up a wall torch, and closed the door. He approached a container that held oil. He turned on the faucet, and collected the oil. He then walked to the other end of the room. He lit up a candle in the room, and discovered it was another workroom. He took a look around. He accidentally hit a glass bottle with his foot, and discovered it was Calamite. He collected it, and as soon as he did, a shaking occured, and rocks, and wood girders collapsed in front of the door he entered the room with.

A barrel fell off the ledge above him, and knocked him out. Moments later, he woke up to a very dark room. The candle, and wall torch he lit up were not blown out. He recovered, and took a few deep breathes. He slowly got back up, and made his way to the door, with a headache bothering him along the way. It looked like he could clear the rubble from the door, and so he began. After a few tossed aside rocks, and removed wood girders, he opened the door, and entered the main room once again. He walked to his left, and entered through a doorway. When he entered the small room, his vision blurred, and distorted somewhat, and heard a man yell in pain.

He looked above, and saw pig carcuses hanging from the ceiling with chains. He looked back in front of him, and saw a pool of blood under, and aside some barrels. He walked through the next door, and stepped on some meat left on the ground. He kicked the meat aside, and continued forward. He remembered another memory.

Irie- "Ugh, it feels... like my chest... is going to... burst..."

(Irie falls over, and the wine glass breaks)

Oishi- "Crap! What do I do?"

Irie- "Accept it. We are not... getting out of here... alive..."

Oishi- "No, we'll be fine... Don't say such a thing..."

(Oishi is very troubled, and Irie is in great pain)

Oishi- "Mion, you bitch, get us out of here!"

(Oishi falls over, and coughs)

(memory ends)

Keiichi looked around, and found another desk. There was a note, and another glass container. He lit up the candle on the desk, and read the note first...

Oishi's Last Words

"My name is Oishi, and I am a detective, and was about to retire. 'These are my last words, my confession, and my testament. 1 year ago, I was called here to Higurashi for an investigation on the murder at the dam site. As most of the aristocracy, I was curious of what the heir of the Sonozaki Family, and accepted their invitation to something. The heir was friendly, and offered me a proposition. It dawned on me that the nature of this contract was sordid, and that the reason I was chosen, was because of my badge.

I was to kidnap the residents of Higurashi upon Miyo's slightest whim, using my badge as a cover, without questioning her. In return, the heir would keep me out of trouble while kidnapping the residents, and that the heir would pull strings to 'promote me to higher positions in the Tokyo Police force. I would like to claim that I struggled with this position, but it came swiftly, and accepted wholeheartedly.

Ever since that day, I have slowly brought men, women, and children to the castle. None of them were ever seen, or heard from ever again.

Tonight the heir, and Miyo invited me, and my men down to the Sake Cellar to celebrate our work. I had my suspicions as we descended down the flight of stairs, but she insisted us on joining in a toast. The sake tasted just fine, and my men drank without restraint.

So begins the punishment of our sins. The heir, and Miyo has locked us up, and returned upstairs. Forgive me for what I have done. I was weak, and fell into her diabloic ways. My men are screaming from pain, and their skin has been pierced by their own tangled bones. I feel my insides revolt against their God-given nature. Blood has begun pouring from my eyes, and I can no longer..."

(end note)

After reading, Keiichi picked up the 4th glass container, and it read Aqua Regia. Now he had to return to the Laboratory, and make the solution. He left the Sake Cellar...

Chapter 5: Deeper Descent, Deeper Torture/ Lesson Learned

(message pops up on screen)

"The old rooms were filled with dust, and cobwebs. Nobody has wandered here for a while, as it seemed."

(back to game)

Keiichi reentered the Entrance Hall. He closed the door behind him, and an event occured. His vision blurred, and shook, and couldn't identify anything, while a creepy sound filled the air. When he recovered, he discovered black bloches on the floor, walls, and ceiling. This anomaly was darkness, he concluded. The same paranormal darkness he encountered much earlier, that had a demonic, cold touch to it.

He tried to avoid the bloches, and made his way back to the Laboratory.

(message pops up)

"He sat down by the wall, gasping for air. Sweat poured from his forehead, and onto the old, wooden floor."

(back to game)

Keiichi rearrived to the Laboratory. He made his way to the lab with the set, while walking slowly, and hearing the wood creek around him as someone was walking also. Also while he did, he heard a man's, sorrowful cry again, making the experience worse. He approached the set. He slowly, and carefully put all the ingredients into their bottles. When he put the third one in, the castle shook, became darker, and his vision blurred. He heard a few things fall, probably some wood girders, and planks. He checked the doorway, in case anyone was down in the Laboratory with him, but he didn't see a thing, disregarding the near absence if light. He lit up a few candles on the workbench to give him some light, for the natural light was not there anymore. He lit the burners, and put the Chemistry Pot he found, under the pipe the solution was leaking out of.

He found out that the solution was a glowing toxic green color, just like the stereotypical presence of most acidic, and radioactive solutions, and mixtures. Carefully handling the dangerous liquid, he walked back to the staircase that led to the exit. When he approached it, he discovered that the wood that fell before, was part of the staircase. Not knowing what to do, he looked around, and discovered a small/cave hole. He went up to it, and saw it was blocked by wood, and rocks. When he peered in, dust flew out, and the sound of steel girders bending, and scraping against each other. He bolted back, and coughed the dust from his esophigus.

He turned around, and saw a large, square-like plank against some rubble. Using his ingenuity, he leaned the plank against the still standing girder, that held up the part of the 'case that was near the door. He climbed up it, and exited the Laboratory.

(message comes up)

"It became impossible to avoid. The commotion in the streets beckoned for his attention. When he opened his window, he discovered the mobsters were shooting at the two young men fighting back. Theirs screams were muffled in a hail of bullets."

(back to game)

Keiichi came back to the Entrance Hall finally rid of that darkness that enveloped the door, and it's handle. As he did, the same eerie, demonic dark bloches grew before his eyes, causing his vision to blur blindingly, and his body to turn cold. He avoided them again, and made way to the door in question. He descended the flight of stone stairs, and arrived to it. He poured the acidic solution onto the handle. As it did, the acid destroyed the darkness, but when it did, Keiichi heard a girl scream extremely loudly. Due to that, he went deaf, and a screach filled his brain. His vision also gave for a moment, and both his body, and the castle, shook violently.

Afterwards, he recovered. There was no permanant damage to his body for what he could tell, but his mind became furtherly dented towards insanity. You could see it in his eyes. They widened, and his pupils were small. He seemed fine, but, as I said, the psychological entorturement has permanantly taken its toll, on his young, male mind. Keiichi entered the Refinery.

(message pops up)

"After enduring 3 hours in the old, Furude Storage house, his friends found their way to him. They took him back to the main part of Higurashi, after hours a work. Each of them departed, and he then went home to rest."

(back to game)

Keiichi arrived to the Refinery, and it was pitch dark in the hall he was in. He lit, and held up his lantern to light the way. The walls were made of stone, and moss, and other green, natural plants grew along the walls, and ceilings. As he walked forward, he remembered another personal memory...

Keiichi- "It sure is dark in here"

Mion- "Yes, and there is a good reason for it. You may now use the lantern, if you wish."

Keiichi- "What's the reason? For the darkness, that is."

Mion- "Stay close, be careful not to stray."

Keiichi- "Why is it? What's the reason why it is so dark?

Miyo- "Pay attention Keiichi. It is important that you keep going straight, and not to stray."

(end memory)

Keiichi put his hand on his forehead, and shook his head, to regain himself, after remembering. He continued onward, with his lamp in his hand, walking through the old, scary, creepy halls of the Refinery. He came to a doorway that led to a bigger room with vats in it. As he stepped through it, darkness immediately enveloped the one vat, and a girly, yet deeper than Satoko's laugh, giggle was heard. Keiichi stepped back, and became weary, that another predator was out to kill him...

As he his behind the door, he peered outward to investigate his surroundings. The only unusual, and eye-catching thing he saw was the darkness bloch on the vat. Deeming it somewhat safe to certain level, he walked through the door with his lantern up. He noticed his oil was low, and his matches were nearly gone too. He wanted to conserve it, but he could be barely see a thing without them. If he used it, or didn't, he would be inevitably screwed either way.

Choosing what he thought would be the best solution, was to try to conserve his resources. He hid away his lantern, and attempted to refrain from using his matches. As he walked through another doorway, an eerie sound occured, and more darkness enveloped the corridors. It was slowly eating the castle... or was it? Keiichi entered through another door to his left, and discovered a smaller room, filled with barrels, bottles, and other junk. He searched the room, ignoring the fact of low visibilty. He saw a matchbox in the one corner, and decided to go for it. He leaned over, in between some barrels. He accidentally lost footing, and knocked over one of the barrels, causing one of the glass bottles to fall over, and break, creating a loud sound.

Realizing this, he quickly hid behind a few barrels, and had a view out of the doorway. He saw a shine, then something moving. This moving thing, this moving being, turned out to be Rena, another one of his friends.
In the Darkness
She moved, in the darkness, steadily towards Keiichi. She was staring right at him, with her cleaver in her hand, with the darkness shrouded over half of her body. Keiichi began to panic silently, fearing his impeding reaper, as she came closer, and closer. His vision began to suffer the fear, and blurred. Suddenly, everything became dark, except she was still visible, and her footsteps still echoed. Suddenly, she vanished. Keiichi stared to where she was last. He really had nothing else to stare at, he didn't even know where he was. He became very cold, to the point of shivering. He couldn't see his body, he started to become numb from the cold.

He had to pull himself together, even if there is nothing visible. He stood up, and when he did, Rena precipitously appeared right in front of Keiichi, and it seemed as though they were staring at each other, only a foot apart. Keiichi stared into her eyes. Rena's eyes were horrifying. Her pupils were very large, and barely any of her blue irises were left. The longer he stared, the more his soul was being torn apart, and sucked in by her black hole eyes. He saw the veins in his eyes were becoming swullen, and saw then turning red. After a few moments, his vision blurred to an incomprehensible state. After that, he felt a sharp, hellish pain throughout his body. He had to break free, to become liberated from this madness. He tried diverting his eyes, but they wouldn't budge. Tried moving his body, but when he did, the pain grew staggeringly high. He had no choice, but to rid Rena.

He mustered the strength to grab hold of her cleaver, and take it from her. Strangely, she offered no resistance. He raised the cleaver, and chopped her head off. Her body fell, blood bursting everywhere, and her head landed beside his foot, also gushing blood. His solution had the reverse affect he had hoped for. The pain grew more, and more, and more, and more. His vision turned red, and pulsated. He lost it. The pain meant nothing to him. He started to laugh maniacally, and tilted his head sideways, with his eyes in a psychoatic look. The same as the predators that hunted him, the same as Rena, and Satoko. Then, his body, and head started shaking. He grabbed his head out of pain, but not physical pain, but mental pain. The pain of bad, horrifying, inhumane memories. He remembered everything. Everything he has done. He yelled at the top of his lungs,

Keiichi- "GET... (rrr)OOUUT... OOOOFF... MYYYY... (rrr)HEEEEEEAAADD!!!!!!! AAAAAHHH!!!!"

He fell to his knees, screaming, grasping his head. Blood started to pour from his eyes, and mouth. He looked at his arms, and maggots started to burst out of his arms. He took a look at Rena's eyes once more. He broke again, past insanity, into understanding. This is what they must have felt. Since he has become the same, he couldn't take it. He picked up her cleaver, and killed himself. His vision turned bright white, and woke up beside the barrels he hid behind. That was all a dream? Keiichi wondered what in blazes happened. It felt so real, too real. Did this actually happen, or was it a dream? Either way, out of her trap, he learned a lesson...

Chapter 6: Regaining Strength/ Chased by the Unknown

Keiichi slowly got back up. Rena was nowhere in sight. After what he just went through, he gained a blistering headache, and it was difficult to make sudden movements. So, he took his time walking through the room. He saw another door to his left, and wanted to investigate what it led to, but he was reluctant to go through, afraid of what might be on the other side. Since curiosity won over his rattled mind, he approached the door with great caution, and gently opened it. Peering through, it was just another room with a shelf, few chairs, a table, a candle, and a door to the right.

He stepped in a few feet, and was about to investigate the table, when the door to the right suddenly swung open. Nothing was there, it was just a sick trick. In the dark, he stumbled to, and closed the door. Afterwards, he held up his lantern again, and the light helped him discover the darkness bloches on the wall, floor, and ceiling. He walked over to the table, and read a note lying there.

Keiichi's Journal - Return (1/2)

16th of September, 1982

"It has been a month since I last took time to write things down. After the event at the Furude Shrine, Rena suggested that I return home. She said that she, nor the group did not wish me to be harmed. At that point in time, I felt as though it was unneccesary, but I am glad I went home.

I found my journal in the mess that is called my room. Next to it layed a photo we took at the Shrine. In the background, something caught my eye. It was a silhouette of a small person, probably a child. It was strange, for I did not see that there before."

(end note)

Keiichi remembered that day. It wasn't the best he ever had, but it was fun. The one thing that stood out, the silhouette child, intrigued him even now. While quickly thinking, he remembered that one room he walked into that was pitch black. When he entered it, he saw a girl in a shrine maiden's dress, with purple hair, and although he saw them faintly, horns.

He put this information at the back of his fractured mind, and continued on his journey. He head out the door to his left, the one that swung open. As he did, he entered another room, with a long table, with sake bottles on it, few crates at the far end, as well as a door. He looked around, and saw nothing of importance, as he walked down the corridor, but when he reached the other end, he noticed a light coming from the crates. He looked behind them, and found a small opening. He closed the door that was partially opened next to the crates to ensure no one would sneak up to him. He then moved the crates aside, and crouched through the hole.

He came into a larger room, with a sake vat to his left, a sake shelf to his front right, and more darkness bloches to his exact right. He proceeded with caution. A few steps in, and the eerie sound came again, along with a blurred vision, and more darkness. He saw to his front right again, a barrel that should contain oil. As he approached it, put the oil storage unit under it, and turned the valve, oil came out, and filled the whole unit. This brought him some relief, as well as some stress released, and a weakened headache.

He continued to the left of the oil barrel, and walked further down the corridor. He found multiple shelves, and one in which had a box of matches, which was just what he needed. He threw away the old, empty one, and adopted the new, three quarters full box. Keiichi smiled out of the two results of full oil, and more matches. Something he felt as though he hasn't done in a while, but he was glad to do so. Something caught his eye, to his far let. He looked, and saw a crank linked to a rope, that was attached to a large square peice of wood. He tried turning it, but it was stuck. He thought maybe something was caught in the crank, and pulley contraption. He moved the two barrels blocking the door, and opened it.

When he walked through he noticed that it was the same corridor that contained the hole, that he crouched through, to get to the room he just came from. So, out seeing that there were no pulleys, and ropes, and that this as a useless loop, he went back through the door, and closed it. He investigated the system he saw in the room, and saw that a wooden stick was launched in the one pulley. He took it out, and it broke in midair. Keiichi went back to the crank, and rotated it until it wouldn't rotate anymore. He looked behing him, and saw that the large wooden square was lifted. He investigated the hole in the ground, and gently fell into it.

Avoiding the darkness bloches that appeared again, he walked through the tunnel with his lantern held up, guiding his way. He came into another tunnel way, and put his lantern away, because it was somewhat lit. He dodged the darkness bloches, which were nearly everywhere, to the best of his abilities. He made it to the other end of the tunnel, and encountered a door that claimed it led to the Cellar Archives. He went through, to continue his path to Miyo.

(message pops up)

"He came up to the surface. The dark, river water smothered him, as he tried to make sense of the situation."

(back to game)

As he entered the Cellar Archives, he noticed that the walls were made of grey bricks, and stone, unlike the Sake Cellar itself. It also revealed that it was lit, and that the lantern is unneccesary. He put it away, and walked forward. Suddenly, everything turned black, no visibility. Then, his vision started to come back slowly, but it was shaking. He saw the darkness bloches all over the walls, and ceiling. It engulfed the corridor. Also, the torches that were lit, have been snuffed, making him pull out his lantern once again to guide him through the shadows. One more, disturbing discovery was made... He was shin-deep in water. He walked forward, wondering what the hell is going on, then out of the murky green, he saw, and heard splashes coming toward him.

He immediately paniced, and got on top of a crate that was sitting there. It seems as though whatever was chasing him, could not get him while he was not in the water...

As crates as his only option of dodging this thing, he was glad to find multiple crates lying around. He saw another crate a few yards away, and decided he should make a break for it. He took a deep breath, quickly lowered himself into the water, and dashed through the water as fast as he could. Growing nearer to the target crate, he also noticed the splashing coming near him, quicker than he could run. It was just about to get him, when he just made it to the crate, and hopped on. He stepped over to another very close crate, and noticed a doorway, which led to some small library. He noticed a few crates in there which he could use. He hopped down, dashed to the nearest target crate, and hopped on. The splashes started to slowly come towards him, waiting for him to come down.

He leaped to a few other crates, investigating the shelves, and noticed a small bottle of medicine. He grabbed it, knowing he will definitely need it in the future for possible physical injuries. He exited the small library while trying to avoid the lurker. He went to his left, and hopped to a few more crates. He followed the crate path, down another hallway, which led him to an end. There was a doorway, with a heavy gate blocking his path. He tried to open it, but it was what it claimed to be, a heavy gate. Since there were no levers around, or anything to help him get through this gate, he backtracked. Keiichi went all the way back to the small library, and a little further. He noticed another room which he must have missed. He entered it, and luckily saw a lever at the other end. He hopped along the crates, and pulled the lever. When he did, he felt a light rumbled, and heard the gate's rusty parts moving. He went back to the gate, and entered through.

The metal gate closed, and the lurker could not get to him. It seems as though he got away, he thought, but he was wrong. To his far front right, another lurker was coming toward him. He became a little angry, and frustrated by this. He continued along another crate path, and found a shelf that contained a small pot of oil. He took it.

As he continued down the path, it came to a dead end, with a pile of three crates in front of him. He was stuck in a puzzle. What should he do? Using his ingenuity, he attempted to pick up one of the three smaller crates. He found it surprisingly easy to lift them, thinking there might have been something in it, rather they were empty. He gently placed a crate in front of the other two. Walked to the farthest one, picked up the previous one, and put it in front of the box he was standing on. This method created a makeshift bridge for him, so he wouldn't have to keep running through the water, risking his life.

Making this makeshift bridge, he encountered another doorway with a heavy gate. Luckily, next to it was a valve. He rotated it, and it slowly opened the gate. At the other end of the small hallway that the gate led to, was a door. He decided to ditch the makeshift bridge technique, for it would take too long, and give the Patrollers more time to search for him. He quickly hopped down, and ran to the door, and opened it. He saw another crate trail, and swiftly hopped onto it. The lurker was still following him. It was invisible, but it was able to effect physical things.

He held up his lantern to investigate the room he was in. There was a door, and some shelves at the other end, with, luckily, a crate path. He approached the door, attempted to open it, but it wouldn't budge. He discovered it had a simple lock. So, his only option was check the shelves for anything like a key. He searched them, but found no key, but rather a needle. He could attempt to pick the lock. He did so, and prevailed. He entered the Archive Tunnels.

(message pops up)

"Something large brushed up against his leg, and he felt himself being dragged into the current of the river. He tried to push himself above the water surface. "Help!", he cried, as the river swallowed him again."

(back to game)

Keiichi entered the Archive Tunnels, which were flooded just like the previous rooms. Seeing no crates, and luckily no lurker, he decided that trying to move as quickly as possible would be the best thing to do at this location, and point in time. As he turned right down another corridor, he just noticed that the wall, and ceiling were completely covered in the demonic darkness. Only a few candles stayed lit. He entered through another door, and saw that the darkness was moving. The eerie sound came again, and heard the splashing again.

Keiichi in his mind said, "Fuck it", and just ran as fast as he could. He ran through the corridors, and a few doors, until he came to a pile of crates, and wood planks. He just jumped over 'em, and continued onward. He continued through the ways, and finally reached a door that led to a new location. He entered through.

(message pops up)

"He felt himself being hoisted out to the lake. The lacquered hull of his small boat shined in the soothing warm yeelow light of a setting sun. He turned his head to the calm lake reaching towards the small beach that belonged to Higurashi. He thought, "Is this another dream?"."

(back to game)

He came to what was staed as the Back Hall. This place was luckily not flooded. It was lit, and there was a stone staircase in front of him. He walked up the stars, and came to a large hall. It was peaceful here. Nothing seemed to have infested, or inhabited this place. He took a look around. There was a small fountain, two paths to his left, and right. The same for two staircases leading to two doors. It was also well lit. Some torches here, and there. As well as some natural light...

Chapter 7: The Blank Darkness/ Hell Spawn

Even though Keiichi wanted to stay in this quiet, and peaceful part of the castle, he knew he couldn't stay in one place for too long. He knew he could never be safe in these walls. Back to his journey, he turned left, and went through the doorway, in which it's door was already opened. Keiichi walked through the stone walled hall. He remembered another memory,

Keiichi- "You have an elevator. Will it take us to the Inner Sanctum?"

Mion- "It will definitely take care of the vertical part of our path. So, have you ridden one before? I take it you have since you lived in a city."

Keiichi- "Yes. The one at Tokyo Tower. It takes you to the top to view all of Tokyo."

Mion- "Excellent. This ride may be a little shorter, and in the other direction."

(end memory)

The elevator in question was on the other side of the large room the hall took him to. Keiichi passed a few columns of stone, and reached the elevator. He entered it, and closed the two iron doors. He tried to operate it, but it did not work. Keiichi exited the elevator, and looked around to try to find some way to fix it. He searched around some statues, lights, and corners, but sadly, he couldn't find anything in particular.

Then, he saw a door to the left of the hall he came through. He walked up to it, and the sign beside it said, "Machine Room". It is highly probable the predicament may reside there, so he attempted to enter it, but it was locked. He already searched the room, so he turned back to the main room with the chandelier, and fountain. As he did, he saw a wood door straight in front of him across the main room. He walked over to it, and opened it. On the other side was a staircase leading downward with a few torches lit, and another door. He approched the metal door, and the sign aside it said, "Storage". He would probably find something there, so he walked through.

(message pops up)

"His trunk was wrapped in rope. The lock had been broken, by burglars he thought. He pondered if anything had been spared, considering all the hands that have passed."

(back to game)

Keiichi entered the Storage, and it was darker, and very eerie. Some sort of plant, or fungi was growing off the ceiling, walls, and corners. Very few torches were lit, and were too few to keep any of the halls lit. In fact, they were pitch dark. He descended another flight of stairs, and continued through the very dark corridor without his lamp. Luckily, there was none of the demonic darkness, for now at least, to hurt him. Also, there was a light at the end of the corridor. As he reached it, he was forced to take out, and light his lantern. It was absolute dark, and not even the light on the floor did much. Behind the light was a large banister, and a hall to his left, right, and forward.

Keiichi became very, very cautious. It seemed to get darker, and darker. He was freaked out by the eerie sound the air made as it passed through the corridors. He heard some kind of scratching; maybe it was in his head, maybe not. He needed to stay moving, so he chose the hall to his right. The sign above read, "Equipment". Maybe he could find some possible missing pieces, so he went down the staircase. Just as he did, he ran out of oil. He was forced to walk through the darkness.

He got to the bottom of the stairs, and there was very little light. A small window let in some natural light. Keiichi noticed a candle, and decided to light it. As the light grew, he noticed more parts of the room, and it was bigger than he expected, but not too much. To his right was a door creeked open, with a small artifical candle inside already lit. He walked in slowly, and noticed it was pretty small. Just a few boxes stacked. Keiichi looked around, and saw a part of some device laying on the table in the room. Looked like some sort of hand crank. For a tool, a drill maybe. He decided to keep it just to be safe, in case he might need it later on.

Deeming the room empty of anything wanted, he exited it, and back into the larger room. Something caught his eye. It was an oil vat for his lantern. He made his way over to it, and tried to rotate the valve, but it was rusted, so it wouldn't work. This was a major inconvenience to the young man. He continued to look around, and vaguely saw another door. He opened it, and walked through. Barely visible, he lit a candle to his right, and searched the room. He found more matches, and another part for a drill. He collected it, knowing something is coming together, and maybe literally. Keiichi exited that room also.

He noticed yet another door, and walked through it. The room seemed to contain a lot of unused bricks. To his right were piles of them, but to his left was a table, and a note. He picked it up, and it read,

"Regarding Explosive Mixture


I have prepared the explosives required for clearing the flood drain. I can not express how carefully it must be handled. Please try to tell your imbecile servants before you go ahead with your intentions. The liquids by themselves are not explosive, and must be kept separately to prevent further mishaps. I have put the two ingredients into two vats in the next room. All you will have to do is mix them together.


(end note)

Keiichi found this interesting. So this is what was in those two vats in that room? Keiichi walked back through the door, and took one final look around. He wanted to leave as soon as possible. He was starting to become cold from the darkness, and his fear started to grow further. There was yet another door to his right. He entered through, and in a dark corner, he barely noticed a trunk. He was able to open it, and so he did. Keiichi found another matchbox, a medicine bottle for headaches, and thankfully, a pot of oil for his lantern. He collected them all, and made his way to the two vats that contained the ingredients for the explosive mixture. The vats were also rusted shut. This came to be a predicament as well. Keiichi walked back upstairs to the middle room with the 4 halls on each side...

As he ascended the stairs, he went to his right through another hall. As he walked down that corridor, he remembered something,

Girl- "Please I won't tell anyone. I just want to go home..."

Girl- "No! Get away from me! Leave me alone!"

(end memory)

He continued, and lit a candle to gain some light. The corridor he was walking through was pitch dark, and the walls were old, and moldy. He heard whimpering. It sounded like the girl in the memory. It echoed through the halls, and his mind as well. Keiichi reached a dead end. There was rubble blocking his path, but, a useful discovery was made. As sign pointing in the direction of the rubble blockade said, "Machine Parts". There must be something useful there. He turned back, and headed to the middle room again. As he did, he noticed a door to the left. He tried to open it, but didn't move. He passed over it, to come back at a later time. Possibly when he comes back with the explosive solution to destroy that blockade. He noticed yet another door to his right.This one opened, and he went through. He saw that there were shelves loaded with boxes, and barrels set on the floor. He lit up a wall torch.

As he searched around, he saw yet another drill part. He picked it up, and his vision blurred. The horror was back, and he heard a teenage girl's laugh. It must be Rena again. He quickly hid in the darkest corner in the room. He could hear footsteps, and they passed over on the other side of the doorway. He sat in the darkness, cold, and terrified. He heard the same girl whining, and whimpering, as it echoed. He checked outside, and saw nothing. He decided to move from this position. He walked back to the middle room again.

It was pitch black again, and he walked arund slowly, checking everywhere. Keiichi did not want to encounter that hell spawn of a former friend. He stumbled his way back to the room with the two vats. As he did, he was very cautious. The one room with the table in it, he wen to, and shut the door behind him. He sat down in the chair, and took out the drill pieces he found. Using he wits, and ingenuity, he assembled the parts, making a small non-electric/old-fashioned hand drill used by carpenters. He peeked out the door, walked through it, and approched one of the vats. He drilled a hole in one of them, and as he took the drill out, one of the ingredients poured from it. Keiichi then took out the Chemistry Pot he found in the Laboratory, and gathered some of the liquid. He did the same with the other vat, and now he had the full mixture.

When he collected the full pot, the eerie sound, and shaking occured again. Although he couldn't see a thing, he knew something was coming, other than Rena. He slowly made his way back to the blockage. Trying to avoid making loud sounds, or giveaways to alert Rena, or whatever was down there with him. During so, the girl's whimpering still echoed through corridors of these hellish Storage rooms.

He put the explosive mixture next to the rubble, and shook it a little to give it some enrgy. He heard sizzling, which meant the chemistric process has began. He crouched a few metres away behind some barrles to give him cover. The explosive combusted, and the rubble was cleared. He walked through the dust, and darkness to another middle room. There was a long, and large banister with a candle on one side, and a few doorways scattered around the room. He lit the candle, because, just like most of the Storage area, there was absolutely no light whatsoever. He searched around the room, trying to find anything that would help him. He found a small box that contain more medicine. He took that, but there wasn't much else. Suddenly, Keiichi remembered another memory,

Girl- "Why are you doing this? 'Get away from me!"

(end memory)

He noticed it was the same girl as before, and the one whimpering in the echoes. He turned back, and continued looking around the room. There wasn't much, but he did notice some natural light in one corner. Seeing nothing, but moldy bread on one shelf, he tried one of the doors. He opened it, and saw darkness. He suddenly heard Rena's laugh, and she appeared right in front of him again out of the darkness. He heard the screeching sound in his head again, the same that made him want to bleed out of his ears. Rena raised her cleaver, and swung it at Keiichi. He dodged it, but fell to the floor. He quickly stumbled back up, and ran from her through the darkness...

Music, and Sounds

This section was created to help you read the story, and amplify the scary moments in it. If you need help with understanding any of the lyrics, just click the videos title, and it'll take you to the video's page. Under the video on the page, click "Show More", and bam, the lyrics.

  • The first video/audio is the main/opening theme. The song's name is 115 by Elena Siegman. Also known as the Easter Egg song in CoD: Black Ops: Zombies: Kino der Toten.
  • The second video/audio is music heard when being chased by one of the Patrolers.
  • The third video/audio is a sound heard when being seen, and chased by one of the Patrolers.
  • The fourth audio/video is Rena's Torture theme. Used during the special scene in Chapter 5. The song is Burning Inside by Ministry.

The first two video/audios are to be heard together. Play both at the same time to get the actual feel. Play one, instead of the other to emphasize that perspective.

Elena Siegman - 115

Elena Siegman - 115

Amnesia The Dark Descent - Run

Amnesia The Dark Descent - Run

Amnesia The Dark Descent Soundtrack -Terror

Amnesia The Dark Descent Soundtrack -Terror

Ministry - Burning Inside

Ministry - Burning Inside