This Fan Fiction, Alice Noel-Roback, is property of Somarinoa.

Alice Noel-Roback
Alice Noel-Roback Sprite Left
General Information
Species Human
Inspiration Amalgamation of the various loves of my life
Gender Female
Age 26 (born February 23rd, 1986)
Location Silent Hill, Maine (presumed)
Occupation Certified nurse
Affiliation Independent
Relations Shawn Roback (husband)
Thor Steinbach (old friend)
Weapon Information
Weakness Dislikes wasting time in life
Game Information
Appearances Silent Hill: Devil's Pacifism
Level Palmer, Alaska
Hit Points 100
Other Information
Status Unknown (assumed alive)
Creator Somarinoa
Alice Noel-Roback Platform Sprite Right

Alice Noel-Roback is a background character of Silent Hill: Devil's Pacifism.


  • Eye color: Alice suffers from heterochromia iridum, and as such her left eye is green while her right eye is blue.
  • Hair color: Hair is brunette in color.
  • Hair length: Hair is straight and falls down to her shoulders, laying naturally along the sides of her head while her personal haircut edges it up in an A-line to the base of her cranium at the back of her head.
  • Skin tone: General Caucasian tint.
  • Apparel: She has six earrings (three in each ear) and three piercings in her face—a barbel in her right eyebrow, a stud in her left nostril a hoop in her lower lip, slightly off-centered to the right side of her face.

Depending upon the situation, Alice is known for wearing three different outfits. While at work, she normally wears her nurse's uniform. During the past when she and Thor would hang out, she would wear a dark blue camisole under a short leather jacket, along with tight jeans. Two sterling silver rings are worn upon her right hand on her middle and ring fingers while her feet wear regular white tennis shoes.

However when on her own away from Thor, she dressed significantly more provocatively, wearing a tight black tube top under a red vinyl vest with popped lapels, a velvet collar around her neck, elbow-length black velvet gloves, a short black miniskirt and tall vinyl stiletto-heeled boots that reach up to her mid thigh.

  • Likes:
    • Living life to the fullest
    • Dancing
    • Sex
  • Dislikes:
    • Wasting time in life
  • Fears:
    • A boring life

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The nightmares and night terrors encountered by Thor Steinbach are mostly created as allusions to Alice.

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