"As the capsule opened, A red and black figure stumbled out...It looks like me, thought Shadow..."


Fur: Scarlet with Midnight Black highlights.
Eyes: Hazel.
Main Enemy: Officer/Proffer "Hook" Darwin Zenth Von Areno the Hedgehog.
Main Friend: Blaze the cat.
Species: Russian Sheepdog and Hedgehog/GUN experiment.
Birth Place: Coca Island, GUN base.
Death Place: None.
Base: Flying Squid (His Airship).
Famous Quote: "To Kick, or-JUST KICK EM' TILL HE BLEEEDSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Likes: Water Melon, His Airship, Cute Things, His Chao named Aidan jr.
Dislikes: Death, Hook, Un-holy things, Cold Weather.


Flame-Thrower, Power Out, Double Cat-Dog Fury (Needs Blaze for that), Coming soon. More coming soon.

also check out wackle!

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