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This page is about the history of the Namekians. It explains who the original Namekians where, when and how they died out, and who spawned after them. This page also explains the origins of Planet Namek.

The Origin Of Planet NamekEdit

Planet Namek came around some time around Age 90. Its first inhabitants were violent and dangerous mutant-like creatures. They fed on their own kind to survive and took no care for anybody but themselves. They were consumed by war and fighting. Then, at about Age 140, a massive war eradicated nearly all of Planet Namek's (originally name Planet Hostile) inhabitants, except for two. A baby, the child of a male native from Planet Hostile, and a female from another planet. This baby was taken in by a mad scientist who researched cloning. He took the baby and, seeing its unnatural appearance (green skin, antennae, and tiny pink patches appearing throughout its body) decided to clone it to repopulate the planet. After creating roughly 100 clones of this baby, the scientist died of old age. The aliens named their planet Planet Namek, and named their species Namekians.